Holding Zhengrong in his hand, Dugu said, "You two old friends, Gui Tuozi was killed violently, and the ladle floater disappeared for no reason. Even in the mountain of knives and the cave of fire, The old man is also duty-bound not to turn back, not to mention the trivial matter, but the younger brother tracks down the evil Lang Jun Cui Rufeng, his martial arts are profound, and he is used to poison Hidden weapon, brother, you must be careful when you go here. Fang Yuqi raised her eyebrows and said angrily, "Forgive him for being just an evil man. The younger generation will ask themselves if they are not defeated." Although Dugu did not know how Fang Yuqi's martial arts were, from his eyes, it seemed that the young man's skill was not so deep. Not to mention that he had just been taught by the Seven Fingers Shajun, so he thought there would be no mistake, so he nodded slightly and whispered. "I just heard that someone saw Cui Rufeng passing here before dawn," he said. "He seems to be heading for Qingyang. All the way was crowded with people. The old man thought that he might go to Jiuhua. As long as my brother paid attention along the way, it would not be difficult to catch up with him. Fang Yuqi remembered that a month ago, she went to Jiuhua to look for Martial Uncle. When she went down the mountain, didn't she meet an evil man in front of the welcoming pine? Probably The nest of this evil thief is in Jiuhua. Suddenly he stood up, folded his fists and said, "Thanks to the advice of the elder generation, the younger generation will be on their way." Dugu shook his hand and said with a smile, "The young man is so impatient. Although he is anxious to save people, he is not in a hurry. Brother, you just want to." On the way, you have to fill your stomach before you decide. Here, the old man, there are a few pills for the ecstasy. My brother can take them with him, and you can do it from time to time. The need. Then he took out a small magnetic bottle from the cup and handed it over. Fang Yuqi hurriedly took it with both hands and said gratefully, "The elder generation has given me a generous gift,wholesale plastic pallet, and the younger generation has received it. Saving people is like putting out a fire. The younger generation will say goodbye here." "However, the matter of sending a letter to the Bodhi Nunnery will be left to the elder generation." When Dugu saw that he was anxious to leave, he said, "Don't worry, brother." Fang Yuqi said goodbye to Dugu, worried about the safety of Sister Lu, and walked out of the town, no longer caring about shocking the world, performing flying skills. The road ran to Jiuhua, and as soon as he started his journey, he really galloped past the galloping horse. Pedestrians on the road only felt a breeze passing by. That wants to see the figure clearly! In less than an hour, he had arrived at the foot of Jiuhua Mountain,plastic bulk containers, where he met the evil man that day, not only paying attention all the way, Did not catch up with Cui Rufeng shadow, and then look at the mountain, here is just the mouth of the mountain. Because of the cold weather that day, Cui Rufeng was only wearing a green shirt, and more than ten feet apart, he came one step before he made himself. Stay enough to pay attention, but at most only a quick glance, he is going to the mountain, where to go, Jiuhua Mountain is more than two hundred miles wide. Where can I find it for a while? Fang Yuqi was stupefied for a moment, thinking that if he didn't care about him, since he had come, he would go along the mountain path and talk about it. He took out the human skin mask that Jane Xiaoyun had given him from his bosom and put it on his face! Over the mountains, I do not know how far and near, the sky gradually yellow, he climbed up from time to time to look, but in addition to the ups and downs of the mountains. Pines and cypresses are towering. In the mountains, there are few people. There are cliffs and overhanging rocks everywhere. Even the mountain path seems to be steep and difficult. Ok! He hurried to Jiuhua only on the basis of Dugu's speculation. Of course, Dugu thought that Cui Rufeng, an evil man, euro plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, was lustful by nature. Girls with a little beauty fell into his hands, and no one was spared. After he was captured by Lv Jielian, he did not find a secluded place in the vast Mount Huangshan. He showed off his animal desires, but brazenly carried one under his arm Girl, coming in the direction of Qingyang, then his old house may be in Jiuhua Mountain. This speculation is very reasonable, but he is always late for a long time, he has really turned around, as long as he does not show up again. In the mountains, you are looking for a needle in a haystack. But if his old man was not in Jiuhua at all, then he would be waiting for a rabbit. Work in vain. Alas! Their own work in vain, or small matter, sister Lu a girl's family, fell into the hands of this prostitute, the consequences can not imagine? It's nothing to do with oneself, but if it's about oneself, it's chaos. Fang Yuqi doesn't want Sister Lu, but it's all right. This touches her heart, and she's really heartbroken. Have no idea what to do! He frowned deeply, facing the steep mountains in the sky, full of pines, and felt deeply hesitant! The sky was getting darker and darker, the apes were crying and the tigers were roaring, and there was a faint sound. Fang Yuqi pulled out her sword and picked up a few pieces of gravel in her right hand for self-defense. The use of. On the one hand, relying on the top flying skills, and roughly able to distinguish the eyesight of three or five Zhangs away, on the cliff, flying vertically and searching. The rope moves forward. After nearly another shift, not only did I feel disappointed, but I also felt more and more anxious about Sister Lu's safety! Suddenly, in a distant hillside, he saw what seemed to be a flash of sparks and sparks. He was not a man with very good eyes. It's not easy to see. As soon as Fang Yuqi's heart moves, that also neglects, the double foot a little, hurries straight to sweep, rushes away! The mountainside seemed to be not far away, but it took almost a cup of hot tea to get there, and the light of the fire was only just now. Beyond a flash, there was no more light, and the more so, the more Fang Yuqi became suspicious. He identified the direction, swept to the neighborhood, looked carefully, and found that he was standing on a prominent cliff on the mountainside. The outside is full of rock, and there is no difference. The rocks were about eight or nine feet below, and they seemed to be bushes that were not too high, so dark that they could not be seen clearly. Fang Yuqi felt that he was not wrong, a flash of fire, clearly under the cliff! He secretly exercises to protect his body, tightens his sword, inhales and twists his body, and flies down the cliff! Knowing that his body could fall to the ground, even the situation around him had not been seen clearly, suddenly, a sharp wind, slanting thorn flying! Fang Yuqi has been through many formidable enemies recently, and her experience is getting deeper and deeper. Although she just fell down, she jumped lightly and avoided the attack of the hidden weapon. But just as he avoided the first hidden weapon, he said it was too late, and then quickly, the second and third hidden weapons, with a strong and sharp whistle, rowed. Empty hit! Fang Yuqi listens to the wind to identify the position, the side body sucks the abdomen-, the second hidden weapon, sticks to the body, suddenly passes through, by turning around, right. With a long sword in hand, the third hidden weapon flew out again! These three hidden weapons run to Fang Yuqi's deadly acupoint,plastic pallet supplier, and in the dark, the acupoint is very accurate, if not for Fang Yuqi's current skill. cnplasticpallet.com