"Very good," Shen ran to a lie Yang Yang chin, a lie immediately knowingly threw a dagger on the conference table, Shen ran knocked on the desktop cold voice, "I have an advantage, put out the words will be done. As I said, if you are a minute late, I will cut off one of your fingers. For the sake of your first acquaintance with me, you don't understand my temper. It's up to you to choose which one to cut off this time. With a light'click 'sound, he pointed a pistol at Shen Ran with nine fingers and said in a resentful voice, "Shen, how dare you, an airborne soldier, put on a show with me here?"? Who the *** are you! Don't look at whose territory this is! Chapter 10 With a sound of'poof ', a blood hole was opened on the right shoulder of the nine fingers, the red blood immediately stained a large area of clothes, and the gun in his hand fell to the ground with a crisp sound. Lie raised his gun and said in a deep voice, "If you dare to disrespect the young master again, the next shot will blow your head off!" Nine fingers threw the cowhide bag in his hand on the conference table and raised his hand to cover his shoulder. His face was gloomy. He first looked at Liu Hui, the deputy head of the hall, and then looked at Wang Yucheng, the head of the hall. Seeing that neither of them meant to open his mouth,eye cream packing tube, he snorted heavily and went out angrily. Stop, "said Shen Ran indifferently." Did I give you permission to go? " Nine fingers sneered, but there was no pause at his feet. As soon as Shen ran's eyes were cold, he got up and picked up the dagger on the table and threw it. The dagger shot out, clinging to the cheek of the nine fingers and inserting it into the heavy wooden door. The handle of the knife was still trembling gently, which stopped the nine fingers. All the people present except Alie were shocked, and there was a little change in the face of Shen Ran, but only a little. In fact, Shen ran has some skills. Before his father fell,cosmetic plastic tube, he was the executive vice mayor. As an only child, Shen ran naturally wanted to learn something from childhood. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped twice. One was attacked secretly, and the other was surrounded by people. Both of them were related to Fu Dongchen. Shen Ran remembered the time he was kidnapped before he died. When he ran away for the second time and was chased, he threw an iron stick. If he hadn't been seriously injured, the place where the iron stick was stuck would have been the heart of the other party, not the chest. But it was precisely because of that iron stick that his shoes were thrown away, the soles of his feet were beaten by belts with countless scars, and his body was covered with countless burns from cigarette butts. Shen ran stared at the nine fingers stiff back and said in a cold voice: "I think there is one thing I must remind you, now and even in the future, I am the head of the S city branch hall, your immediate superior.". Before I ask you to leave, you should stay where you are. If I were you, I would cut off two fingers to apologize, instead of offending me again and again. "Why are you in charge of this?!" Nine fingers turned around and said bitterly, empty lotion tubes ,metal cosmetic tubes, "You don't have any contribution to the whole branch hall or even the gang. Even the president has only recently recognized each other. What qualifications do you have to sit here?" Shen Ran sat down with an expressionless face and said, "When you learn how to respect people and get my approval, you will be qualified to ask me this question.". Now, I give you one last chance to cut off two fingers, and I can ignore your impoliteness. Otherwise, I believe that there are people who are smarter and more discerning than you who want to sit in your position. "The president has orders," Wang Yucheng, who had not spoken for a long time, said slowly. "All those who do not obey Shen Shao's orders will be dealt with according to the rules of the gang." Nine fingers took a hard breath, and finally turned angrily to the door, pulled out the dagger on the door, clenched his teeth and cut off the little fingers of both hands, gushing blood all over the floor. The ring finger of his left hand was broken in the early years, and now there are two missing. I'm afraid people on the road should call him Brother Seven Fingers in the future. Very good, "Shen ran satisfied way," I hope next time nine fingers brother can be as straightforward as now, deputy hall leader, please take nine fingers to bandage, by the way to tell him the content of the meeting just now. " "Yes, Shen Shao." Nine fingers angrily picked up the fingers on the ground and Liu Hui took him out of the conference room. The wooden door was locked again with a click. Shen Ran relaxed his body and leaned back in his chair and said lightly, "Now, I need to know about the situation of the branch hall. I also need to ask the head of the hall and the three district leaders to give me a general explanation.". ” Wang Yucheng answered and took the lead in introducing Shen Ran. Because it is a branch hall, its scale is not as large as that of the headquarters in the neighboring city. Unlike the headquarters, the branch hall does not specially set up a company, but decentralizes its control. S city is divided into five areas, east, west, north and south, and the center. There is a person in charge in the east, west, north and south. The central area is headed by Wang Yucheng, the head of the hall, and Liu Hui, the deputy head of the hall. Of course, S city is not the only branch of this gang, S city's underworld leader is not the branch of Wang Yucheng, but the largest local gang Yizi will be the president. Although each place has the territory, but that territory is also limited, nothing more than that small area of nightclubs, clubs and so on. Among them, the territory in the North District is the smallest. Even that small piece of territory has only been developed in recent years. In the past, it was entirely the territory of the Yizi Association. There are only a few chess and card rooms in the North District. Except for a small number of people in the town, the rest are mostly engaged in driving. The remaining three districts are either mainly automobile repair factories or entertainment places such as clubs and KTV. The main thing in the central area is a large nightclub. Although this nightclub is not as good as the Yizi Gang in the whole city of S, it is also the champion compared with some other small gangs, and the conference hall where they are located belongs to the interior of the nightclub. Moreover, before returning to S city, Qin He secretly transferred the ownership of the nightclub to Shen Ran. This matter in addition to the hall leader Wang Yucheng, the rest of the people do not know. Qin He's gang is not involved in drugs. Apart from making a living in some entertainment venues and hotels, it mainly smuggles arms, and as the branch hall is in charge of the eastern part of the wharf,empty cosmetic tubes, it naturally has a hand in it. Basically, all goods shipped from overseas have to pass through the Eastern District before arriving at the headquarters, which is one of the reasons why Qin He decided to set up a branch hall in S City a few years ago. emptycosmetictubes.com