Save the manuscript gentleman ah, I love to bear ah Ao Ao Ao ~ Weekend at home desperate to save the manuscript, otherwise next week will be so miserable TVT Correct some mistakes, thank you for your correction = V = 14 14. The Jade Sacrifice.. At the Jade Emperor's birthday banquet, all ethnic groups selected and sent several beautiful maidservants to the palace, which were uniformly distributed by the Queen of Heaven and arranged in different bedrooms according to their different origins and clans. At the time of the turmoil in Qiujiang, the Demon Army came out in full force and attacked the three islands of Jiuzhou on a large scale. Demon soldiers were divided into three groups, making a detour from Qiongsang Mountain. With lightning speed, they broke through the boundary of Kyushu in one fell swoop when the guards were defenseless, and drove straight in with overwhelming force. The Phoenix Clan, which was responsible for guarding Jiuzhou, was badly weakened by the previous dispute over the throne. Being attacked from both sides, he had no choice but to send a message to the Kirin people living in the center of Jiuzhou for help when he was about to come to a dead end. Kirin king Mo Yan heard the news, immediately led fifty thousand chosen men, appointed his son Xuanfeng as commander in chief, overnight through the weak water, finally in the phoenix clan spirit before the collapse, arrived at the border of Jiuzhou. A sea of blood and a mountain of bones. When Xuanfeng led his troops to the bank of the afterlife, what came into view was such a horrible picture: When the phoenix feathers are scattered, the long mournful sound runs through the starry sky, and the dark red clouds surge in the sky. As far as the eye could see, rivers of blood flowed and not a blade of grass grew. The picturesque Lichuan was already filled with bloody corpses. Those once magnificent and noble phoenixes are constantly flying up and down in the fierce and cruel attack of the Demons. Again and again, like moths to the flame, with their blood-stained bodies, outside the defensive line that can not be retreated,Automatic nail machine, they have built a fragile wall. The phoenix, originally a divine bird, was reborn from the fire. However, when these beautiful birds, once the wings were broken, torn the soul, even with the name of immortality, how can they really come back from the dead? "Bastard!" Xuanfeng looked at the eyes of the Shura fire, eyes gradually red, two hands clenched fists hidden under the sleeve,wire nail machine manufacturers, suddenly mercilessly raised his head, eyes through the clouds, straight to the black hair man dressed in a shallow indigo robe: "Chu Ching-yan, is this what you call revenge?!" The sound of a sharp drink resounded through the surroundings, and the young man on the cloud heard this, but only turned his body slightly sideways, and his cold eyes swept over, bringing up an inexplicable chill: “……………… The son of Xuantian, Xuanfeng, right? He looked at him and raised his hand slowly. Sky silk like water, white slender fingertips spread out from the sleeve, pointing to his side, thin lips lightly open, read out a faint word: "Broken." In a flash of lightning, a bunch of white awn fell on his head. XuanFeng see the situation is not good, hurriedly jump up, risk to avoid. White Mang, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Coil nail machine, like a sword, accompanied by a huge roar, exploded on the flat ground less than a foot away from him, setting off a large flying dust wind. When the wind and sand settled, Xuanfeng turned around and saw a pit as deep as a hundred feet appearing in the place where he had just stood, and immediately broke out in a cold sweat. This is.. The power of the ancient celestial beings? See XuanFeng face suddenly change, Chu Qingyan hang down his hand, face expressionless: "Overreach oneself." "What did you say?" Xuan Feng is unruly, relying on a God-given power, usually the most can not hear is this sentence, now in front of the public was looked down upon by him, the heart is more angry. Teng cloud head immediately, pulled out the jade Lin Ji from the palm, waved a few times in the air, toward Chu Qingyan attack: "As one of the prehistoric immortals, I don't want to work for heaven.". You are willing to fall, fall into the devil's way, and associate with these evil animals and beasts. You ask yourself, but do you feel ridiculous? "Oh, Aram?" Chu Qingyan slowly step back, jade Lin Ji is nine day artifact, the power is infinite, this oblique air a chop, but even his clothes corner did not touch, was two jade fingers gently twist: "Have you ever asked yourself whether it is absurd to kill my wife and strangle my flesh and blood?" Fingertips ripple up a group of blue light, jade Lin halberd all over a shock, unexpectedly living Xuanfeng shock back out. Wipe away the blood foam around his mouth, Xuanfeng barely stood up and said angrily: "Immortals and demons are different. As an immortal in heaven, it is against the way of heaven for you to move your heart privately.". More disregard the ethics, and the combination of the demon pregnant. For the sake of the difficulty of your spiritual practice, the late emperor did not haggle with you. He only broke the soul of the witch and could not transcend life forever, which was already an exception. But not only do you not know how to be grateful, but instead, you abandon the fate of immortals, cut off the bones of immortals, and serve the evil way. It's like biting the hand that feeds you! A gust of cold wind blew the broken hair in front of Chu Qingyan's forehead. Between the white and smooth eyebrows, a strange mark of coquettish darkness appears impressively, which is the symbol of the fallen demon. Bite the hand that feeds you? Chu repeated, sneer at a way: "The old man knew that she was not guilty, but he wanted to sell me this favor, thinking that killing her would make me take heart from now on and protect heaven for him." At this point, with a wave of his sleeve, a bloodstained object rolled down the steps of the sky, and his voice was cold to the bone: "Dream!" As soon as the voice fell, the object had fallen to Xuanfeng's feet. Xuanfeng looked down and gasped in an instant: "Feng Xi!" The golden feathers were mixed with blood and dust, and the original color could not be distinguished for a long time. On the originally beautiful body, there were ferocious and horrible scars everywhere. The long multicolored tail plume dragged to the ground. Because of the loss of a large amount of divine power, it lost its original brilliant color, but reflected a kind of dark breath. As the glory faded away, the phoenix gradually shrank into a handsome young man with a golden robe and jade belt and a face like a bright moon. Xuanfeng hurriedly picked him up, and the Phoenix King lay in his arms, opening his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but his chapped lips could hardly pronounce syllables. Xuanfeng close to his mouth, vaguely can only hear a few broken words: "Come on.." Escape.. "" The body that leans on the body is soft and weak, Xuan Feng sees his face is pale, pupil is dull,Nail machine supplier, the heart is frightened greatly. Hurriedly reach out to clasp his pulse, a check under, the heart is cold half:.