Ban Dong went on to say, "God knows this very well. God thinks that because of the friendship between Master Zhou and Lin Danian, he had such an attitude afterwards. He deeply appreciates it and intends to hire Master Zhou to protect the Dharma in this palace." Listening to Ban Dong's words, it is enough to prove that Zhou Yimin told Lin Zhiqiang just now that after Lin Danian was killed, he had gathered fellow martial artists to prepare for Lin Danian's revenge. Such as the plot, is completely nonsense, unfortunately, Lin Zhiqiang did not hear the current words. Zhou Yimin hurriedly flattered and said, "Who are you? How dare you be such a God.." But before he had finished speaking, Ban Dong's face sank and he said, "But, Master Zhou, it's not enough tonight!" "What do you mean, Master Ban?" Asked Zhou Yimin. Ban Dong looked deeply into the tunnel and said, "Ban asked me if Lin Danian's son was hiding in Zunfu." Zhou Yimin said with a wry smile, "Where did Master Ban say that?" Ban Dong smiled coldly and said, "My men saw him enter your mansion from the river with their own eyes. How could this be a fake?" Zhou Yimin said with a smile, "I'm afraid you've misjudged me.." "Then why did Master Zhou say he wasn't at home just now?" Asked Ban Dong with a sneer. Zhou Yimin smiled shyly and said, "That's because I didn't know it was you, Master Ban!" Ban Dong laughed and said, "I've enjoyed it very much. Now, in return,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, I'll say something useful to you." Then his face sank and he said, "Daxia Zhou, if it hadn't been for Daxia Zhou's golden face, Ban would have ordered a forcible search." As soon as Zhou Yimin's face changed, he said, "Master Ban really believes.." "Master Chou," said Ban Dong with a sneer, "there's a dragnet all around your mansion. Even that boy can't escape." "Master Zhou, I understand and sympathize with your situation. I will never embarrass you. But I also ask you not to embarrass me. Otherwise,nail manufacturing machine, we will have to tear our faces apart." Zhou Yimin frowned and asked, "Excuse me, what's the best way to do both?" "It's very simple," said Ban Dong. "I won't do it in your house, but you must ask the boy to leave before the third watch." Zhou Yimin said thoughtfully, "Master Ban, I have another unkind request." "I'm listening," said Ban Dong coldly. Zhou Yimin said with a wry smile, "The boy surnamed Lin, I immediately told him to go, but Master Ban said he sympathized with my situation, so please send the Buddha to the Western Heaven. After he leaves Jianli County, he will do it again." As Ban Dong pondered, Zhou Youmei, who was eavesdropping in the next room, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine price, suddenly turned around and quietly ran to the woodshed. Pushing open the firewood door, I saw that Lin Zhiqiang had tied up his whole body and was about to leave. As soon as he saw Zhou Youmei come in, he couldn't help smiling and said, "The girl is just in time.." "Are you leaving, Brother Lin?" Asked Zhou Youmei. Lin Zhiqiang said with a wry smile, "Can I stay in this situation?" "Have you heard my father talking to that class?" Asked Chou You-mei. "I have heard part of it." "Miss," said Lin Zhiqiang, "your excellency, forgive me for not saying good-bye to you. The virtue of this evening's entertainment will be reported to you later." Zhou Youmei sighed softly, "Don't say anything, Brother Lin. I'm really ashamed." What, you're leaving right now? It turned out that Lin Zhiqiang had already walked to the door. When he heard this, he could not help turning his head and saying with a wry smile, "Girl, if I don't go now, when will I wait?" "Do you know that they have already set up a dragnet outside?" Asked Zhou Youmei Zhengrong. Lin Zhiqiang raised his eyebrows and said, "I have to rush through the mountain of swords and the forest of swords.." Zhou Youmei turned her eyes and said, "Brother Lin, listen to me.." Then, after whispering for a while, Fang pulled him to the outdoor courtyard and watched Lin Zhiqiang cross the fence and walk downstream along the river embankment before she quietly entered. The river behind Zhou Yimin's house is about ten feet wide, with reeds more than three feet deep on both sides. Tonight, dark clouds, the last quarter of the moon has long disappeared, this situation, for Lin Zhiqiang at the moment, is a great advantage. Taking advantage of the reeds on the bank of the river, he quietly waded downstream. After walking about half a mile, he came to a stream that joined the river. As long as you cross the stream, you will reach a vast rape garden. At the beginning of March, the rapeseed was about to blossom and bear seeds. At this time, as long as Lin Zhiqiang could enter the rapeseed garden, he could smoothly break away from the dragnet laid by Ban Dong. But the problem was that on the bank where the stream and the river met, two ghostly figures were watching. This is still hidden in the reeds of Lin Zhiqiang's vision, the rest of the enemy he can not see, I do not know how many miles! Just when he was thinking about the telegram and couldn't come up with an idea for a while, he heard a loud shout from the direction of Zhou Yimin's residence: "Where to go?" "Stop that boy!" Shouted another voice. All of a sudden, they saw people flying and shouting, and they all shot at the houses on Monday. Of course, the two men who were responsible for monitoring the stream were no exception. Lin Zhiqiang naturally would not give up this fleeting opportunity and flew into the rape garden. Also at this moment, listen to a clear voice to shout angrily only: "bastard thing!"! Are you bandits or robbers? In the sound of a string of gold and iron, a spark was stirred up, and in that instant, at least two people had stopped the curser and handed him over. On the one hand, Lin Zhiqiang used the cover of Youlai to quietly Wade into the periphery, and on the other hand, he also listened attentively to the evolution of the situation in the residential buildings on Monday. Because although Zhou Yimin was heartless to him, Zhou Youmei was really good to him. It was Zhou Youmei who deliberately appeared just now to attract the enemy's attention, and Zhou Youmei told him the route he was taking to get out of the tight encirclement. Imagine how he could not care about Zhou Youmei's situation under such circumstances. Just listen to a surprised voice way: "Hey!"! No, this is a female. Zhou Youmei's voice cut off her mouth and shouted angrily,Nail machine manufacturer, "Your mother is the female!" "Stop it!" Cried Ban Dong in his voice. Then he said in a deep voice, "Master Zhou, what's going on?" 。