Because I have an implacable enmity with the Gu family! I went to assassinate Gu Qingcheng entirely because of my personal enmity! But he did not think that he had outsmarted himself and brought you trouble. "An implacable enemy?" Zhou Dingchang was slightly surprised. "Could it be said that the last time Gu Long celebrated his eightieth birthday, it was you who assassinated him?" It wasn't me that time. I only stabbed once. It was a few days ago. "Gu Long that old guy really did a lot of evil-" Zhou Dingchang looked at the swordsman, see the swordsman is not like lying, waved his hand and said: "Well, you go down." The swordsman had to leave. After the swordsman left, Zhou Tao, standing behind Zhou Dingchang, walked to Zhou Dingchang's side and whispered to Zhou Dingchang, "I don't think what the swordsman said is credible!" Zhou Tao was Zhou Dingchang's brain trust. Hearing what he said, Zhou Dingchang couldn't help smiling. He looked at Zhou Tao and said, "Why?" The swordsman is a famous killer. If she really has a deep hatred with the Gu family, she will find trouble with the Gu family at this time? She's a killer. She should have done something long ago. I said Zhou Tao, do you think too much? I don't think there's any doubt about what the swordsman said! The ape left and said to Zhou Tao. Zhou Tao looked at the ape with some discomfort and said grumpily that you had developed limbs and a simple mind, and that you were not wronged at all! The ape is a wretched smile, for Zhou Tao's sarcasm muddy do not care, Zhou Tao and but Zhou Dingchang's civil servants and military commanders, all day long bow their heads and do not see, if care about Zhou Tao this guy said every word, that is not to torture to death? The ape laughed and said: "Whatever you want!"! Anyway,Nail machine supplier, I insist on my point of view. When Zhou Tao wanted to bicker with the ape again, Zhou Dingchang stopped him in the middle and said with a smile, "You really have no time to stop.". I don't think what Zhou Tao said. I think so, too. The swordsman didn't take revenge early or late. It seems a coincidence that he took revenge at this time. Hearing what he said, the ape also looked dignified. He approached Zhou Dingchang tall. "If it's really like what you said, what's the swordsman's intention?" Zhou Dingxin sighed uncontrollably and looked up to the sky and said, "That's why I can't figure it out!" Then he turned to look at Zhou Tao,Nail machine manufacturer, "My strategist, have you come up with it?" Zhou Tao was thinking to himself. When he heard Zhou Dingchang's question, he replied, "The swordsman was hired by us to kill all the enemies.". Although I have never found a chance. But now he still takes orders from us. And now run to kill Gu Qingcheng-can it be said that this is the trick of a madman? Zhou Dingchang laughed, "It seems that there will be a bloody struggle in Yanjing City!" …… Liu's villa. Liang Feng came here directly with Liu Ganting after class today. First, you can accompany Liu Ganting, and second, Liang Feng is naturally coming to learn the Dragon and Phoenix Needle from his master. When Liang Feng asked to follow, Liu Ganting just gave a hum, and there was no voice of opposition as before. And there is an indescribable joy in his eyes. Liang Feng is not a fool, naturally is to see the meaning of Liu Ganting now. However, Liang Feng was not in a hurry, because he felt that a girl like Liu Ganting was very paranoid about a person's good words, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail production machine, such as her love for Grandpa, so that she could not be impatient, impatient can not eat hot tofu. Of course, if you let a girl like Liu Ganting fall in love, then she will be very paranoid to love you alone! At the time of Liu's villa, Liu Guobin was drinking tea and reading newspapers in the living room, because the explosion case in Jinghe Hospital had made no progress so far, and he, the old dean, had to continue sitting on the bench. In this way, he had leisure and stayed at home drinking tea and reading newspapers for a long time, feeling a little lonely.. This is probably the reason why Liu Ganting will accompany him immediately as long as there is no class. To see the granddaughter and the apprentice together, Liu Guobin can not help but be a joy, he is now surprisingly in favor of Liang Feng to become his grandson. They are also ready to teach each other the "Dragon and Phoenix Needle" method. "Gan Ting, Liang Feng, is here." Liu Guobin put down the newspaper in his hand and greeted Liang Feng with a smile. Coming, master. Liang Feng went into the room and put on his slippers. He walked to Liu Guobin's side with a smile and sat on his right sofa, chatting with him. When Liu Guobin saw his granddaughter enter her room, he quietly asked Liang Fengfeng, "Xiao, where did you go with Gan Ting?" Liang Feng could not help but be a sign, he had no idea that his master had such a side, usually looking at the old man very serious and serious, suddenly became so "bad". "Master, what are you." You are so young, do you suddenly feel that I am not serious? You think I want to! I think you and Gan Ting are really a good match, I love this granddaughter, naturally want my granddaughter and you to go together! I don't want to let the other kids get the jump on me! Liang Feng, you have to hurry up, my granddaughter is a little small, may not be easy to chase. However, if you succeed, she will be good to you wholeheartedly! I know my granddaughter best! Liang Feng could not help smiling, "I will." See Liang Feng has made a statement, Liu Guobin is also happy in the heart, Liang Feng answered like this, that shows that this small pair of granddaughter is really interesting. Can not help but repeat a sentence: "Small, to hold tight!" " Liang Feng is a joy, is about to, Liu Ganting from her room to change clothes came out, see Liang Feng and the grandfather of a very happy look, can not help but ask: "You talk?"? So happy? Chapter 104 sudden onset! "No,wire nail machine manufacturers, just talking nonsense." Liang Feng and Liu Guobin said so coincidentally with evil intentions. Seeing that Liang Fenghe's grandfather looked a little wrong, Liu Ganting smiled and did not ask any more questions, no doubt about him. Liu Guobin took the initiative to stand up and said:.