The old man's pupils suddenly dilated, and the whole person seemed to fall into the ice cellar. Grasping the handle of his spear, his whole body stretched like a bowstring, he twisted his head to look up at the white full moon in the sky, ready to meet the silvery arrows that whistled down. No one knows the shadows under the moon better than he does. From the ground, they look like geese with the whitest wings, but wherever they go, they always leave behind blood-stained feathers. But everything was still quiet, the moonlight shone quietly and softly around, and there was no white feather killing people as he had feared. A hand stuck a letter in the crack of the door, and the owner of the hand did not appear. This is my famous thorn. I hope Mr. Yi can find time to see it and learn it later. The voice of the man who handed the name thorn gradually faded away, and it was clear that he had passed the name thorn and said something and then retreated. The old man collected himself, approached the door slowly, and drew down the envelope. It was a white envelope of birch paper, and when it was opened, the so-called name thorn was only a long and narrow letter without words, with an ancient totemic print in the middle. His whole body trembled slightly. The old man turned and walked back into the yard. He walked seven steps, then suddenly turned around, and the silver edge of the gun drew a line through the fallen leaves on the ground, pointing straight to the gate of the courtyard. His whole body suddenly changed into a sculpture, and there was no more movement. On the stove in the corner of the courtyard, tea was half boiling and gurgling. Come in, please. Fortunately. The speaker finally stepped out, slowly and steadily. It was a black figure, not wearing armor, but wearing a black robe with wide sleeves and a waist. He stood quietly in the doorway, tall and slender, blending with the tall birch trees behind him. The old man's eyes fell on the sword he wore on his waist, and he stepped back slowly and stood in the middle of the circle where Himeno had just stood. Only then did the stranger take a few more steps into the courtyard. He pulled out his sword, which was colorful. Jingyue? Yes. But I didn't come here expecting to gain your trust with a single sword. The guest raised his epee slowly and solemnly in front of him. The old man nodded slightly, shook his hand and withdrew his pike. His hands pressed the two ends of the barrel,uns c70600, then slowly moved closer to the middle, and finally his hands were almost in one place, holding the middle of the gun loosely. He took a slight step, as short as a leopard, and gazed sideways at the visitor. Double Roman one-handed array? The guest nodded slightly, very lucky. At the same time, the reflected moonlight jumped on the heavy sword of the visitor and the spear of the old man. The two men's eruptions could not be distinguished at all. A large pile of fallen leaves were stirred up by the wind, trembling and rolling in the wind. The silver light of the sword and the spear was obscured, only a tinkling sound, like a very tight silver thread. After a moment of handover, the two men stepped back at the same time. The old man and the visitor flashed to the left side together, slipped and stopped, and flashed right at the same time. They slipped and stopped again, but did not change direction. They exerted their strength again and ran to the right side at that time. The two men were only ten feet apart, which was the distance they could hit their opponents, but neither of them attacked again. It just flashed in a very short moment, uns s32750 sheet ,x70 line pipe, at exactly the same speed and timing, like a man and his shadow in a mirror. The yard was filled with the sound of footsteps, and the fallen leaves and dust rose and fell under their feet, as if wrapped in turbulence. Once again, the two men approached at the same time, and the old man was already holding the gun with one hand, sweeping it from below in a perfect half-arc, while the opponent's epee went down in exactly the opposite direction. The edge of the spear and the blade of the sword collided and swung away from each other. The pike seemed to have no force at all, while the tail of the spear rotated with the force of swinging away. The old man changed the direction of shaking hands only for a moment, and the short silver thorn at the end of the gun went straight out silently. And the speed of the epee recovery did not lag behind, the opponent did not retreat this time, continuous force chop, the moonlight reflected on the sword eerily flashed, no one could see how many of his sword light chop out, those chop almost at the same time, from up, down, left, right, right, left and left, like a moment in front of him. And the old man's slow and erratic straight stab is to stab the stamens of chrysanthemum. The old man did not dare to maintain the straight thrust, and the pike trembled and changed, and exchanged blows with the epee in all directions, all of which sounded like a continuous long sound. The two men retreated again, each standing still, breathing heavily and hurriedly. The old man was still short, his posture was the same as before, as if he had never moved, and his opponent stood erect as before, his sword flashing coldly in front of him. The old man looked down at his feet, and his opponent's feet were right on the sword circle he had drawn earlier. The two men looked at each other, and all they saw of each other were quiet eyes, without the slightest nervousness, as if they were experts in sitting down to play chess. www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com [Chapter II Sword Seven (3)] t.xt. Small .. Say ... God . Don, we can all guess the whole change of the opponent. This will wear one of us out. Whispered the old man. The opponent also nodded, "These circles you carved have helped me a lot.". The end of the gun, the point of the gun is on the ground. The figure of the old man is lower, a kind of slow pressure gathering force. Do you want to use this shot? After all these years, only you can still teach that child the teeth of a fierce tiger that breaks all circles and kills dragons. The opponent seems to be admiring. He suddenly withdrew his sword, looked up at the sky and took a deep breath. At this time, his chest was full of flaws, but the old man's gun was still quietly frozen on the ground, and the old man just stared at the gun silently, without the slightest intention of attacking. The guest looked down at the old man, his legs apart, his hands slowly raised the heavy sword, this is the first time he held the sword in both hands. The sword, which had been manipulated with one hand, suddenly became extremely heavy,316 stainless steel plate, and when he raised it, the blade trembled uneasily, as if he were struggling to lift a large stone. The sword was finally raised to the top of his head and suddenly stopped.