Occasionally, there was a sound of swords touching each other, which pierced the silence of the moonlight night. Both sides watched the battle with bated breath. A meal time has passed, and the two sides are still in a dogfight. Ye Changqing heaved a sigh of relief and said in a low voice, "Brother He, it seems that Lord Huang is much smarter than us." "Now," said He Hanyi, "we've finally seen his real martial arts." Suddenly, there were two sharp shouts and angry shouts, and Gao Tianjian and Huang Ling, who were fighting in one place, suddenly separated. In the moonlight, Huang Ling's long hair was loose, her chest clothes were broken, and blood flowed out. His warrior scarf has been cut off by Gao Tianjian. He was wounded in the front of his chest, and he was bleeding. Xuan Niang hurried over. "Are you badly hurt?" She asked. "It's all right," said Huang Ling. Xuan Niang pulled open Huang Ling's clothes, but saw a bloody mouth on his chest, which was more than five inches long. Can not see how deep, but see the potential of blood flow, the injury will not be too deep. At the same time as Xuan Niang rushed to Huang Ling, He Hanyi and Ye Changqing had stopped Huang Ling's predecessor. Gao Tianjian said coldly, "Huang Ling, do you dare to fight with me again?" Huang Ling gave a wry smile and said,Inflatable 5k obstacle, "The first knife in Zhongzhou is really extraordinary, but you didn't kill me." Gao Tianjian said, "If you dare to fight with me again, I promise to take your life within a hundred strokes." He Hanyi said coldly, "Gao Tianjian, you will never have this chance." Hua Miaozhen and Xuan Niang had helped Huang Ling down, applied medicine for him, and bandaged the wound. Xuan Niang sighed softly and said, "Why didn't you retire early.." Huang Ling said,Inflatable water park on lake, "Gao Tianjian's swordsmanship is like a spider's silk. It's hard to get rid of it when he's entangled. When he feels helpless, he should immediately ask others for help. Don't try to be brave." In fact, his voice was already so loud that there was no need for Xuan Niang to repeat it. Wu Shuangnu and Gao Youlan walked slowly over. Husband and wife share the same fate, and they have an indescribable concern for He Hanyi. Gao Tianjian has already started with He Hanyi and Ye Shiqing. He silently attacked a knife, the knife is like a net, all of a sudden he Hanyi and Ye Changqing, all circled into a knife awn. Wu Shuangnu wanted to replace He Hanyi, but she was too late. With a pair of golden swords, He Hanyi displayed the authentic swordsmanship of Wudang with all his strength. Ye Changqing, however, tried his best to cooperate with He Hanyi's swordsmanship, sealing the gap and making He Hanyi's swordsmanship more rigorous. He did not use the Seven Swords of Chasing the Soul, which was absolutely offensive swordsmanship. Now, they are completely defensive. Without a word, Gao Tianjian tried his best to use them, and the tips of their swords were completely surrounded by the light of a knife. Wan Sheng heaved a sigh of relief and slowly lifted the broadsword weighing dozens of catties. He had concentrated his whole energy, penetrated the blade, inflatable amusement park ,inflatable air dancer, and waited for the most favorable opportunity to attack with all his strength. Gao Tianjian's knife net is too dense, dense Wansheng can not find a gap, can not start. Wansheng waited for a moment, but still couldn't find a chance to shoot. Gao Youlan frowned and said, "Sister, is something wrong?" "What's wrong?" Asked Wu Shuangnu. "I think Gao Tianjian has already made a move," said Gao Youlan. "How do you know?" Asked Wu Shuangnu. Gao Youlan said, "He used his sword with all his might. He didn't say a word. It was clear that he wanted to kill He Hanyi." "Yes," said Wu Shuangnu, "I'm afraid the one he hates most in this group is He Hanyi." "We can't let him succeed," said Gao Youlan. Wu Shuangnu said, "His swordsmanship is so close that the sword is already involved in one place. Even if we want to intervene, it will be inconvenient." "Call him," said Gao Youlan. "I'm going to.." Wu Shuangnu suddenly felt ashamed. "Did you call him by his name?" She asked. "Whatever you call it," said Gao Youlan, "if he hears it." "What are you talking about?" Asked Wu Shuangnu. Gao Youlan said, "I want him to fight back with all his strength and give me a chance." Wu Shuangnu breathed a sigh of relief and looked back at Hua Miaozhen. When Hua Miaozhen heard the two men talking, she smiled and suddenly raised her voice, saying, "He Jianshi, you don't have to talk to him about the rules of Jianghu when dealing with people like Gao Tianjian.." "Brother He," he answered with a slight voice, "fight back against his two swords. Let's join in and help you." He Hanyi really shouted loudly, and Jin Jian quickly counterattacked three strokes. The power of the three swords was very fierce. The three swords were connected in one place. As expected, they sealed Gao Tianjian's sword. It's just a little gap, but it's enough. A sword came in as fast as lightning. It was a very clever sword, which just sealed the change of Gao Tianjian's next knife. Although Gao Tianjian's sword is fast and powerful, his sword is far from the speed of the sword, but some of the strength can not play. This, on the contrary, made his knife skills empty. In this instant, Ye Changqing has launched an offensive, chasing the soul of the seven swords, and out. These seven forms of swords, which are famous in Jianghu, are indeed extremely fierce. With Gao Tianjian's martial arts, he was forced to retreat again and again. This gave He Hanyi time to launch a counterattack. Another sword inserted was not Gao Youlan, who was ready to make a move, but Wu Shuangnu. Wu Shuangnu also used a sword, a soft sword, a soft sword three feet eight inches long. It is rare to see Wu Shuangnu show her soft sword. She has lived in the first castle for so long, but she has never used a weapon. Under the fierce seven swords, plus He Hanyi and Wu Shuangnu, two tight cooperation, Gao Tianjian was forced to retreat two or three steps away. But Gao Tianjian is really extraordinary, still dealing with the onslaught of three people. Ye Changqing used up his seven sword moves, but he didn't hurt the other side. But Gao Tianjian launched a counterattack, and the light of the knife was like snow, and the attack came down. Wu Shuangnu's soft sword is very strange, in Ye Changqing's attack, she did not play any power, but after Ye Changqing's offensive, Gao Tianjian launched a fierce counterattack,Inflatable indoor park, Wu Shuangnu's soft sword, but instead played a great power. Her moves are strange, and she often makes a move from an unlikely angle. That sword often dissolves Gao Tianjian's fierce offensive in the invisible. joyshineinflatables.com