Di Wu with two maidservants arrived at the mouth of the valley, no one around, just since the landing, to be found in the valley. Defending the demon heard the unusual sound of breaking the air, and looked up but no one was seen. Remembering that the demon master had said that the enemy reinforcements would arrive soon, he ordered him to pay attention. Just in case, he warned the demon in Tian Jialou and hid behind the cliff to deal with it. Then he saw a man and two women appear on the ground and were preparing to launch an ambush. Fangxia happened to be driven out. At a glance, she caught a glimpse of Di Wu and two young girls flying down invisibly. They appeared and came. With mixed surprise and joy, she expected that the evil method of the demon would be launched. She hurriedly shouted, "Brother Wu, pay attention to the ambush!"! The light of the sword cannot leave the body! People have already flown over. The demon had no experience either. Seeing that the man was not alert, he wanted to see the enemy's purpose before he did it. He slowed down a little. When he caught a glimpse of Fangxia's figure flying out of the cave, he had fought with her before. He knew that she had the protection of the treasure light and the flying sword was quite powerful. If the demon master hadn't come, he would have been injured. The evil method outside the cave, the demon master was not there, could only draw the amulet according to the book. The power was much What's more, three more enemies came, and in their hearts they were startled and panicked to unfold the demon banner. A large area of evil smoke and evil fog has just risen, and the enemy has already met. Di Wu, after all, the first time he faced the enemy, he had no ingenuity, and he relied on the magic of the magic amulet, which could be used to produce a magic effect. First,Inflatable bouncer, he was afraid that the wise maidservant was a burden, and when he saw that the two maidservants were light and easy to carry, he became bolder. In front of Yunluan's hiding place, there was a waterfall falling from the top of the cliff, more than ten feet straight down. There was a deep pool under it. The water was shining and the fog was surging. The entrance of the cave was still at the corner of the end. Although the terrain was wide, it was blocked by the waterfall and could not be seen until it was near. Di Wu saw the spring flowers blooming in the valley, the willows were green, the wind and the sun were beautiful,Inflatable water park factory, and there was no trace of them. Looking at the valley path, there was a waterfall at the end. The boundary broke through the green hills, and the jade rainbow hung upside down. The sound was like thunder. It was very beautiful. He thought that the demon had already left. Then he was led by the sound of the tree color spring, the fragrance of flowers and birds. He was distracted and on guard. Then he took a few steps forward and entered Suddenly I heard a loud voice in front of me, and a woman rushed to escape the light. Seeing the rosy clouds, she was pleasantly surprised. As soon as she shouted "Sister", she suddenly caught a glimpse of a large area of evil light and evil flame, with red and green sparks, flying up from the dangerous cliffs on both sides, spreading out in a dazzling way, as if to overwhelm them. At the same time, a young sorcerer flashed out from behind the rocks on the cliff waist, holding a banner and fluttering. The whole body was surrounded by black smoke and blue light. Knowing that it was the demon who launched the evil method, he was surprised and angry. He had no time to think about it. The two treasures were sent together. With a shake of his left shoulder, the White Rainbow Hook Fairy Sword flew out, and his right hand was a golden pill. The sorcerer also deserved to die. Although he was slow to start, the evil method had been closely arranged by the sorcerer and was on the verge of breaking out. The rosy clouds flying from the bottom of the valley might not be able to catch up. Because the demon and Fangxia almost suffered losses against the enemy last time, inflatable floating water park ,inflatable floating water park, he was wary and wanted to cut off the enemy's way first, and then kill him when he was trapped, but he didn't know he had been taken in. The most powerful evil method ambushed by the sorcerer was the demon banners on the two cliffs. The sorcerer did not attack the enemy first, but covered the sky and the entrance with a large area of demon light and evil flame. So he slowed down a step. He was alerted by Di Wu and relied on the evil method to defend himself. He appeared and scolded. He never dreamed that the enemy's magic weapon flying sword was so powerful. As soon as he launched an attack here, the enemy also took the initiative. The demon only shouted angrily, and a silver rainbow with a golden hook had flown by lightning. He felt the silver light was strong, and the cold air invaded his muscles. He was startled. When he hurried to avoid it, the demon banner in his hand was wrapped in the silver rainbow, and a ghost roar was neutralized into a smash. Dozens of shadows appeared on the banner one after another, eating the silver rainbow and twisting it together without a trace. At the same time, there was a little golden light in front of him, and it was too late to A light thunder tremor, hit the face door at that time, the silver rainbow followed by a twist at the waist, the oncoming force is extremely fast, even the idea is not allowed to turn, then the corpse is lying on the spot. Fangxia also flew there. She was overjoyed to see that Di Wu had this high magic power a few months later. She hurriedly shouted, "Brother Wu's magic power is so high!"! The sorcerer's evil ambush is all presided over by the demon banner. Now the main banner has been broken by you, and the evil method has disappeared completely. There are dozens of demon banners on both sides of the cliff. It's better to destroy them all, so that the sorcerer will not take away the remnants and harm people when he is young. "As he spoke, Di Wu caught up early and took Fangxia by the hand and shouted," Sister! Where is my sister Yunluan? As soon as she came out of the mouth, the two maidservants were all smiling and motioning with their eyes. Suddenly, she remembered that Yunluan was so jealous that she made out with Fangxia in front of the two maidservants. If she was accused, wouldn't she be angry again? In a hurry to let go, Wen Yan answered with a smile, "I'm also a beginner, and I don't know the details.". "How about sending Haochun and Caichun to the cave to meet Luan Mei and break the evil method together?" Fangxia understood Di Wu's intention and replied with a smile, "Sister Luan has already explained to me that when I am more affectionate than my compatriots, I will not be oversensitive if I go a little later. I can make Sister Haochun go to the front to look for Sister Luan.". They have learned how to get in and out, and they will put her into the cave. Without further ado, it is important to break the evil law first. With that, he pulled Di Wu and flew to the cliff. Although the two maidservants heard rumors that the master was saved by Fangxia, they did not know what to do. They had been enemies before, so how could they return good for evil? This in suspicion, and see men and women two people look intimate, Di Wu several months, and each other so good law, clearly often together, usually loyal to the master, not on behalf of Yunluan jealous. Haochun took one look at Di Wu and said with a sneer, "Don't bother, Master Di. My two sisters will look for the young lady." As he spoke, Di Wu had already been lifted up by Fangxia's hand. Seeing that the two maidservants looked sullen, he was afraid to say more to Yunluan. He said to Fangxia with a smile, "Her two sisters are young. They are walking in the valley. What if the sorcerer comes?" Fangxia laughed and said: "Don't worry, good brother. I didn't expect your sweetheart to be so easy to talk to. In order to be infatuated with you, I had planned to bow my head and be moved sincerely. When I saw her a few days ago, I explained that she was so naive and gentle. Now my two sisters are more affectionate than my own. Everything is at ease.". It was commendable that these two maids were loyal to me, but they scolded me behind my back, which made me angry. They deliberately made them make trouble. I'm afraid Sister Luan will say a few words about them. As for their safety, I think it's all right. For one thing,inflatable bounce house with slide, the sorcerer hasn't been trusted yet. He won't come so soon. We'll find him on the top of the cliff first. It's not too late to go down and rescue him. It's not far. We'll be in front of the cave in a moment. These sorcerer banners that assist the evil method can't be left on one side. What are you afraid of? At that time, Fangxia had pointed out where the demon banner was on the top of the cliff, and Di Wu released a flying sword to destroy several sides. joyshineinflatables.com