Through your internet browser or an IDE client, you can use integrated functionalities offered by Azure DevOps. Depending on your needs for your business, you can utilise any or all of the following independent services:


  • For source control of your code, Azure Repos offers Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) or Git repositories.
  • In order to facilitate continuous integration and deployment of your apps, Azure Pipelines offers build and release services.
  • With the help of the Agile tools provided by Azure Boards, work can be planned and tracked using the Kanban and Scrum frameworks.
  • Azure Test Plans offers a number of methods, including manual/exploratory test and continuous testing, to test your apps.
  • Teams may exchange packages from both public and private sources, including Maven, npm, NuGet, and others, and incorporate package share into your pipelines using Azure Artifacts.



The following collaborative tools are also available for use:


  • Dashboards for teams that may be customised and have widgets that can be used to share the information, performance, and trends
  • Integrated wikis for information exchange
  • customised notifications