Sildigra 50mg is an effective medicine used for the cure of Erectile dysfunction or impotence in males( the inability to get a firm erection for intercourse).This medicine contains sildenafil citrate 50 mg which is a powerful salt.You may not feel confident due to this problem and your sensual life may not be that good because of this condition so treating this problem as soon as possible is a good option.You should visit your doctor for a proper prescription and guidance to take this medicine because without prescription this cannot be consumed.Your medical history must be shared with your doctor otherwise there can be some severe side effects which you have to face as after results.Sildigra 50 mg is a good medicine which you can consume to treat your ed.This is not a very low dosage or a very high one,this is the mild one that can cure your must take this medicine at least 30 minutes or one hour before having intercourse for most effective results.