For good reason, therapy gun are trendy right now. Athletes may now receive professional percussion massage at home, just like physical therapists and sports trainers do. These solutions offer a straightforward, affordable, and efficient way to hasten recuperation and boost performance.

We've created a straightforward guide that covers all you need to know about the ideal massage gun usage duration.

How do therapy guns operate?

Muscle knots are little bundles of constricted muscle fibres that can occur for a number of reasons. Because they are not getting the chemical signal that instructs them to relax, these fibres start to "glue" together.

Pain is the neurological output as a result of the confused nerves that have gathered within the twisted muscle.

A massage therapy study found that by giving a mechanical stimulus and forcing the muscle fibres back into an expanded position, any tightness or knots could be broken up. Another method of mechanically stimulating a muscle is with a deep tissue massage gun. But instead of doing it by hand during a massage, a percussion tool's oscillating pulses are used.

What Advantages Do Therapy Guns Offer?

1. It Aids in Muscle Pain Relief

Facilitates Muscle Recovery

It is commonly known that massagers have healing qualities. Millions of people throughout the world who have chronic pain as a result of age, illness, or disability may find relief with percussion massage treatment.

By reducing post-workout cramping and muscular stiffness, massage guns aid in faster recovery for gym goers and athletes. Additionally, elite athletes advise using it as a warm-up before competitions.

2. It helps prevent muscle soreness with delayed onset (DOMS)

When engaging in physical activity, the body's muscles are stressed beyond their natural capacity, which leads to delayed onset muscle soreness. DOMS may persist for up to 72 hours following a strenuous activity. Helping with DOMS is one of the most significant benefits of percussion therapy. Using the massager on the muscles used during exercise helps lessen discomfort and speed up muscle recovery.

The percussive use of a massage gun relaxes tense muscles and significantly reduces muscle discomfort. It also lessens the sense of pain in the body by interfering with the transmission of pain signals from the brain to the body.

3. It Enhances Athletic Performance

The most well-known and well-established advantage of percussion therapy is that it helps athletes enhance their athletic performance. So if you like sports and want to get better at them, investing in a great percussion massage gadget is a wise move.

Several martial arts experts claim that percussive therapy, particularly in the region where massage guns are employed, forcefully works into the muscles, increases blood circulation, and accelerates the distribution of oxygen in the blood.

4.It Promotes Muscle Flexibility and Strengthening

You may increase your body's muscle flexibility in a number of ways. You could develop a flexible body by engaging in activities like yoga, dancing, and exercise.

It's important to know that a percussive massager can help you flex more easily. The range of motion can be increased using massage guns, according to recent research from the Institute of Human Movement Science in Austria.

Massagers relieve tension by reducing muscle spasms and stiffness. Flexibility helps in performance improvement and injury prevention.

5. It Aids in Dissolving Scar Tissues

Fibrous tissue forms between soft tissues like muscle and organs as a result of injury or surgery. If you ignore them, they can develop into trigger points for you. Targeted myofascial release, which lengthens muscle fibres and stretches fascia to remove scar tissue left behind from injury or surgery, is offered by a percussive massager.

The flexibility of scar tissue is lower than that of the body's normal muscle tissues. It can therefore be very limiting. Increase range of motion, reduce restrictions, and relieve discomfort are all benefits of percussion massage.

How much time can I use a massager?

To increase blood flow and muscular preparedness, massage guns use percussion to penetrate deeply into the muscle. Athletes can use this apparatus on any muscle area for up to two minutes to promote rapid recovery. Apply the massage gun for warm-ups 2-3 times per day for diverse warm-ups before workouts and cool-downs after about 2-3 times per day for routine massage gun use.


Percussion massagers can engage specific muscle groups and improve muscle mobility and flexibility when used prior to exercise. If you are not constrained by tight muscles, you might experience noticeable improvements in performance.

Using a massage gun to engage muscles during your warm-up can also help you avoid injury. For instance, run the massager over the relevant muscles for 30 to 40 seconds before a workout to help them contract.

Throughout the Workout

The use of the percussion pistol during exercise might aid to revive muscles and avoid spasms or fatigue. Despite the fact that athletes are known to use this technique, there is little research on employing percussion massage while exercising.

If you decide to use the gun throughout your workout, only use it once for 10 to 15 seconds on each location.


You can get the boost you need following your workout with a hot massager. By enhancing muscle flow and eliminating lactic acid build-up, less discomfort and a quicker recovery are possible.

Use the massager for up to two minutes on each muscle group for the best post-workout recovery.

How To Use Massage Guns For Cool-Downs After Working Out, In Detail

for reassurance

You can use your massage gun whenever you need to relax because it's a great way to relieve stress and muscle strain. For relaxation, you can apply the massage gun for up to two minutes to each muscle area.

Overworking muscles for more than two minutes might cause damage or bruises, as was previously mentioned. To make the most of these tools, you'll find that this is all you need.

Additionally, the massage gun regimen that is generally advised will start with 10 to 30 seconds on each particular spot. There is no restriction on how frequently you should use a massage gun across the body if you have various illnesses; just keep it moving to prevent skin irritation.

What Concerns Full-Body Sessions?

When exercising and for those with chronic medical conditions including cellulite, fibromyalgia, sciatica, frozen shoulder, and others, massagers are helpful.

No more than 15 minutes should be allotted for a full-body workout. Each muscle region should only be massaged for 15 to 2 minutes using a massager gun.

You can improve your athletic performance, sleep better, boost your immune system, pay more attention, reduce DOMS and stress, and improve blood and lymph circulation.

Which Massage Gun Attachment Is Best?

The greatest rule for attachments is to stick with what you and the region you're targeting feel most at ease with. Follow the massage gun's manufacturer's instructions for effective use.

The blunted head attachment on the greatest percussion massager is probably the best choice for larger muscle groups, like your thigh muscles. The rounded head attachment, on the other hand, is said to be superior for smaller venues and more secluded targeting.

For large to small muscle groups including the calves, thighs, and shoulders, larger and smaller foam head attachments are typically preferable.

How To Use A Therapy Gun Wrong

Muscles that have been ripped or stretched out shouldn't be treated using massage tools. They should only be used to treat muscles, not joints, tendons, bones, or nerves. Avoid locations with sores, scabs, recent bone fractures, cancerous lesions, and other conditions that compromise sensitivity.


Although a massage gun amazon initial sensations can be unpleasant, they shouldn't hurt. If you feel pain after using one, you might have pressed down too hard or for too long. Therefore, take it easy and find your sweet spot.

If the massage gun hurts while being used, use it less vigorously. If you can't find the ideal spot with your pistol, take a rest and try again later.