Dalvin Cook's performance this season is absolutely good, and the ratings adjusters of "Madden 21" have also noticed. This is also a character that many players want to get, and you can get the same money by preparing Madden 21 Coins. When the game was released, Cook's OVR was 91, which is already quite remarkable. After playing in the Green Bay Packers in Week 8, he was promoted to 95 OVR.

With this level improvement, Cook's breakthrough tackle score increased from 89 points to 94 points. Madden’s only complaint against Daffin Cook is that his 8th week at Madden Ultimate Team is only 88 OVR, which is not even his best MUT card this season. Cook has both the 90 OVR series Redux and the 90 OVR limited edition cards in Madden 21.

After the 9th week of the game against the Detroit Lions, he left a 252-yard melee advantage in both melees. He deserves more than 90 TOTW cards this week. Cook has made 12 touchdowns in 9 games this season, and many players have won higher MUT cards, but the results obtained are far from the same.

In last season's "Crazy 20", Cook won 97 GEN Theme Builders 2 cards. It is fair to give him a similar TOTW card. Currently, he has a very ordinary Minnesota Viking on his back, and leads the NFL in sprinting and all field goals.

The Madden 21 rating adjuster was right to increase his OVR rights in Week 8, but now is the time for MUT to come on stage and give Dalvin Cook a card that reflects his position. If you buy Madden NFL 21 Coins, we may have another member of the Madden 21 99 OVR club.