Over on the game's reputable blog, Psyonix laid out what's coming to Rocket League Items later in the fall. Firstly, the modern Rocket Pass can be extended to August 27. The fourth Rocket Pass will then release at the 28. Weekly Challenges will change a bit at some point of Rocket Pass 4's period. Players will now be capable of pass returned and complete demanding situations from preceding weeks along new challenges which might be brought each following week.

Competitive Season eleven will come to an stop at the same day as Rocket Pass 3, which also marks whilst Competitive Season 12 begins. As with previous seasons, gamers will earn unique rewards based totally on whichever rank they carried out by using the final day.

Rocket League is one of the most particular aggressive titles of this console era, in addition to one of the maximum precise eSport video games around. While none of this new content material is groundbreaking by means of any manner, it handiest improves an already superb recreation. Fans who've caught with Rocket League have masses of motives to RL Items get excited for the following couple months of content.