Cloud Computing is one of the most rewarding enterprises as it is growing at a fantastic rate and is anticipating expanding even more in the coming years as its worldwide adaptation is increasing simultaneously. Here we will discuss the top 6 cloud Engineer skills required to become an expert in Cloud Engineering.

This multinational usage of Cloud Computing has raised a high market for Cloud Engineers. And one can make up to 12 LPA as a Cloud Engineer. 


Who is a Cloud Engineer?

A Cloud Engineer plays a vital role in creating and sustaining the cloud infrastructure in diverse domains and performs the following tasks-


  • Cloud Architecting:

A Cloud Architecture or Cloud Engineer designs cloud solutions for IT associations.


  • Developing:

A Cloud Developer or Cloud Engineer works on developing and managing the coding aspects of the cloud services.


  • Administration:

A Cloud Administrator or Cloud Engineer operates with the Network management to perform and supervise each task related to the network and the cloud domain. 


What Cloud Engineer skills are mandatory to become an expert in Cloud Engineering?

The most crucial Cloud Engineer skills required to become a professional Cloud Engineer are as follows:


  • Detailed Understanding of an Operating System

It is necessary to have an in-depth familiarity with the Operating System (OS) as it is the vital skill required to become a Cloud Engineer. Operating systems like Ubuntu and Linux are in high demand. Mostly, people prefer to learn the Linux Operating system to become a Cloud Architect.


  • Networking and Internet Protocols

Another essential skill required for a Cloud Engineer is Networking Concepts. A candidate must be familiar to-

  • Managing Networks
  • Working with Virtual Networks
  • Handling various Internet and Networking Protocols.


Learning Networking Fundamentals, a Cloud Engineer can effortlessly perform the responsibilities.


  • Programming

Programming is another essential skill required to become a Cloud Engineer, as coding is crucial in the cloud environment. 

The languages one can explore as a Cloud Engineer are as follows-


  • SQL
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Golang



  • Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Providers shape the crux of Cloud Computing. Thus, the celebrated Cloud Service Providers are-


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform



  • Virtualization

Virtualization is another significant notion to comprehend as a Cloud Engineer as its adoption has advanced multifold in the previous decade and provoked the extinction of several hardware resources. 


  • Security and Recovery

Data violations are common in the Cloud Computing domain as it brings massive demand for Cloud Security skills in a Cloud Engineer. A Cloud Engineer must understand how to secure data and applications from hazards and vulnerabilities.


Wrapping Up!

There come numerous responsibilities as a Cloud Engineer, and one must be ready to manage diverse job strategies as a Cloud Engineer. Hence, it is necessary to be acquainted with all the pre-mentioned concepts. I hope this blog entitled The Top 6 Cloud Engineer Skills enables you to evolve as an experienced and thriving Cloud Engineer. In-depth learning of the cloud is essential for a Cloud Professional. So, why wait? Begin your learning expedition with us!