Top configuration! New Jordans Release 2021 The official image of the new Air Zoom G.T. Jump is exposed! In March of this year, Nike Basketball's "Greater Than" series launched a series of basketball shoes, each of which is built with Zoom Air and React as the core. With the official release of Air Zoom Cut and Run, the most luxurious Jump is also a hanging foot It's everyone's appetite. At the beginning of the year, Nike Basketball released a new series of actual combat shoes G.T. (Great Than). Based on the demands of different styles of the game, there are three different shoe types: Air Zoom G.T. Cut, Air Zoom G.T. Run and Air Zoom G.T. Jump. The cushioning configuration recombined around the Zoom Air cushion has a high degree of attention and topicality.
Recently, the official image of the "Greater Than" series Air Zoom GT Jump was exposed. The entire pair of Nike Shoes is decorated in red, purple, blue and green colors, with obvious contrast effect. The upper is the uniform design style of this GT series. The large-area mesh is combined with hot melt, fabric and flying lines. Lightweight and package performance. The toe cap is Swoosh Logo and 001, the insole is printed with patterns, and the overall details are full. In terms of configuration, the midsole full palm Zoom Air Strobel air cushion, the front and rear separated Zoom Air air cushion unit, the hollow position of the back palm can see the thickness of the air cushion is considerable. With extremely strong cushioning and resilience performance, Nike inserts Pebax support sheets between the two air cushions to further improve stability and support. The outsole is covered with a solid herringbone pattern to improve grip.
At present, the new Air Zoom G.T. Jump has been officially put on sale. Interested friends will not miss it. We will continue to follow up and bring the latest follow-up sales reports as soon as possible.
Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jump