One of the best weapons to clear monsters in New World is the axe, and it can be hit hard in PVP. However, they certainly have their own shortcomings.

In New World, there are a large number of weapons for players to choose from, and each New World Coins weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. The great axe is one of the best weapons on the Aeternum road. It can be used very well in PVP, but this does not mean that they are flawless.

In some cases, the great axe’s attack speed is very slow, it lacks the range of some projectile-based weapons, but their damage output and melee-based range usually make up for many of its shortcomings. For those players who pick up two-handed weapons in New World, this will be a destructive force, but they must first figure out their limitations and make up for their shortcomings.

On the surface, it is hard to imagine that the giant axe can become a very mobile weapon, but the Reaper skill tree does achieve this. Through the use of charge, harvest and other excellent passive skills, they can get closer to the ground faster than some other weapons, which is very useful in a PVP environment.

Giant axe players can use Charge skills to rush towards their opponents, while Reap skills have a shorter range, but they can pull opponents towards the player. Both of these skills have passive abilities that can help players move long distances quickly when fighting opponents or thugs.

However, although great axes do have some reliable gap closure capabilities, this does not mean that they can be locked automatically. Players need to target their skills, but some of the movement-based abilities of the giant axe may be easily avoided by opponents. For example, the charge skill can quickly cover a long distance, but if the player's mobility is strong enough, he can easily avoid the charge of the axe holder.

For example, archers and spellcasters, they have excellent mid-range, which allows them to stay away from the harvesting ability of giant axe players. They can also inflict huge damage and pressure on giant axe players, and safely stay away from their attack range.

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