In my opinion, Genshin Impact seems to have been greatly impacted. In fact it is the same. Zeniet posted a picture on Twitter as the host of the Genshin Impact live show, which means that miHoYo is cooperating with KFC.

Reddit said that after you buy the Diluc chicken bucket, you will get the KFC color exclusive glider code they provide you. Although it didn't make it clear that part of the deal was KFC-themed skins with Diluc and Noelle as themes, there are still valid reasons. Currently, Genshin Impact does not support skins. In China, KFC crossovers introduced these skins in an unusual way.

In China, this kind of frequency division is uncommon. In 2019, KFC and "Final Fantasy 14" jointly launched a promotion together. The players simply ate the disturbing fried chicken in an attempt to Buy Genshin Impact Account earn special chocolates.

In other parts of the world, KFC has taken a place in the Genshin Impact Starter Account game market in recent years. In 2018, they launched a comprehensive "game department" primarily dedicated to shared memes. KFC also sponsored the Rainbow Six Siege Championship. In 2019, it launched a "finger licking" "good dating simulator" starring the outstanding Colonel Sanders.

On March 8, Diluc Chicken Bucket has been on sale. Although I don't play the game Genshin Impact, I have been fighting for greasy fast food promotional specials. Players are enjoying the game in Genshin Impact, and they will encounter many problems in the game. Players can buy cheap Genshin Impact Account on MMOWTS.