There is a "flavor of the month" mission in Genshin Impact that needs players to complete.  Players need to help a chef named Brook create new dishes for the Windblume Festival. At the end of the mission, players need dandelion seeds and slime condensate to Brook.

Players who are performing this task step need to collect slime condensate and dandelion seeds in order to perform this operation correctly. Novice players can obtain slime condensate by defeating the slimes scattered on the map. In order to obtain dandelion seeds, they can also be obtained by hitting dandelion plants in the Mondstadt area with Anemo attacks.

Players will receive Brooke's gratitude after surrendering these items. Their task of "Taste of the Month" has been completed.Their efforts earned them 20 Primogems, two Hero's Wit and 20,000 Mora. Although these rewards are not that important, they can provide players with certain help when adventuring through Genshin Impact's Teyvat.

For the ongoing Windblume Music Festival, players need to Buy Genshin Impact Account complete the only task. Players can have more opportunities to get rewards. Here is a Windbrew mission from Genshin Impact around mixing special beverages. Players will be very confused about these characters, and players who are in trouble can seek guidance.

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