I've seen 110+ requirements also, but I understand why, however, my goal is to to key sub 20 floors, and I'm really keen to RuneScape Gold get used to the process of keying... So what is the best way to find a place to practice keying properly? or simply wait for 110 dunge and host floors 110+?

Do not even think of suggesting DGS, they're a terrible clan that aims to be efficient but is incredibly inefficient and hypocritical, all while trying to stop anyone who mentions this by claiming their posts are spam. Grimy Bunyip (one of their leaders) has also said that he believes Bu11seye00 should hack RuneScape, as he can imagine no other way in which Bu11seye00 could get floors quicker in comparison to what Grimy does (which averages around 20mins). Many members of DGS have also stated that they believe sub-18 min larges to be impossible, despite video evidence contrary to this.

I'm not trying to blow your bubble however, at 110+, there are as many who can't dung as at under 110. If you're trying to get better at keyingyour keys, keep working at it. Keying for randoms can slow down your floor times, but it also improves your ability to key. If you're not used to having to count on your team for as long, yet capable of doing it effectively in the event of a strong team and you'll be able deal with circumstances when the team gets sloppy as you'll have become accustomed to dealing with them.

Randoms gives you the opportunity to meet lots of new people , and to make friends with people who are skilled at the dung game and you get along well with. After awhile, you'll have enough buddies who train the dung, that you can put to form a group relatively quickly typically with just 1 or 2 randoms, sometimes without any.

Personally, I sometimes dunk with my buddies however, I prefer to go with randoms because I know that there will always (or almost always) be random online. This means I don't have to arrange my training with other individuals.

I would really advise to RS 3 Gold acquire 70 attack, power defence, range, attack mage before attempting barrows. The only thing you need is simply 70 mage with 50 range to use a MSB or simply mithril bolts for Zanik's C'bow. It's working for me. Although I've got better stats now.