Developer Grinding Gear Games set Path of Exile in a dark fantasy world. Players will be taken to a place of exile called Wraeclast at first, and then experience various adventures. In this process, players need to continuously collect POE Currency, which is the only currency in the game. Players will use them when buying, trading or selling.

Looking for Labyrinth Trial locations in Path of Exile? For the uninitiated, the Trials of Ascendancy, or Labyrinth Trials, in the Path of Exile campaign are a series of trap puzzles players must complete to access POE Currency.While players must complete each labyrinth for each character, only one Trial of Ascension is required per alliance.

The final Labyrinth tier is the Eternal Labyrinth, often referred to as the Uber Lab by the community. Accessing the Eternal Labyrinth is different, and the requirements have changed as recently as Scourge League. 

For now, the best way for players to achieve good results in the maze is to prepare some POE Currency in advance. They can be obtained by challenging various tasks in the game, however, they can also choose to buy POE Currency directly. Regardless of the method, players need to obtain POE Exalted Orb in a safe and reliable manner.