Are you looking for the best sports games on PC? Publishers have long been reluctant to bring their best-selling sports games to the PC. With the exception of EA's annual FIFA release and Sports Interactive's Football Manager series, sports genres on PC have only recently become rare. Compared with similar game consoles, the following two sports games usually have a smaller player base, but they are not inferior. The PC versions of some of these games offer many features, including high refresh rates and support for various high-resolution panels. Have you ever wanted to see the entire stadium in a football match? It is entirely possible on the PC.

After a long interruption, the NFL series did not return to the personal computer field until recently. When it comes to American football games, "Madden NFL 21" is the only choice. In fact, there are no other American football matches there. Fortunately, "Madden 21" is the same game as its console game, so PC players don't have to feel sad to miss anything. If you want to make the game more exciting, Madden Coins is the most convenient way.

The Madden NFL 21 on the PC solves many problems that occurred on the console: using a medium-sized PC can solve the frame rate problem and longer load times. In recent years, people have criticized self-confidence for lack of competition. Madden 21 is a far cry from the best game in the series. Like any sports team, fans also need to go with the flow. But MUT 21 Coins can really make your game progress smoother.

If you mainly play offline games, then NBA 2K21 is an excellent game, it has a lengthy MyCareer story mode, each player can not only learn 2K21, but also learn all modern teams. However, there are also many classic teams to choose from in NBA history. You want to know how the 2021 Golden State Warriors played against the Chicago Bulls since 1996. NBA 2K21 is the authoritative basketball game on PC and the only basketball series currently available. Almost every version of NBA 2K is full of cheating methods exploited by developers. Unfortunately, this makes online competitions more frustrating than enjoyable.