Familiars have had their damage output increased before being nerfed after it was discovered titans were hitting too heavily on RS gold certain bosses. I'm not sure what it is now. According to mod rathe: Summoning has largely been set to one side for now, as we feel it's in need of an Evolution of Summoning update to itself to do it justice.

Though the fact that everything will be multicombat will make it somewhat better than it is now. In terms of herblore, Mod Pi includes reguards[sic] for herblore and prayer the current in-game bonus'[sic] that the top levels give push the player to a level so high above their level that it was making it difficult to balance bosses. extremely difficult.

If you had balanced for players who did not have these boosts, any player with turm + ovl would be able to take the fight through the park. If you balanced for a person with these boosts then they were pretty much an absolute requirement. It was not the best choice as the buffs that prayer and potions offer should be seen as an added benefit to the things you already had instead of equally important as having the best weapon in the game.

Based on their current strengths the turmoil could be capable of giving you similar boost to the distinction between barrows versus nex gear/choatics and overloads are capable of giving you similar boost to the different between godwars gear and nex gear/chaotics. They are, therefore, far from small boosts.

I understand that in relation with the current state of the game, these are huge nerfs however the problem lies in the fact that turm/ovl's performance is just too powerful now and has been left in that state for too long.

It is my impression that when the cb update launches summoning will not be the same as herblore however after the revamp of summoning it's likely to become more effective.

Disregarding everything above, I would suggest making use of the summoning xp as it will benefit more out of the bonus xp as you save both money and time from collecting charms. Did you know that summoning always had a 1.1x multiplier for weekends of bonus xp unlike other skills , so as to not to become imbalanced? Well, this time it's exactly the same as every other skill, and I'd make use of that if I needed summoning extra xp.

I think it's about time I get the hang of the skill. At the moment I'm 63 years old in this skill. But the only experience I've ever had with the skill (I am referring to performing it, not the runescape 3 gold actual practice for achieving a higher level) It's from around 5 times in a in a group.