Reservations for American Airlines may be made on the company's official website.



* To begin, go to and click on the 'Book Flights' option to view American Airlines Official Site Reservations.

* Enter information such as the name of the departing and arriving airports.

* After that, enter your departure date.

If you're booking a round trip, you'll need to input the return date.

* You may also choose flights with the lowest and most flexible price if you are seeking for cheap American airlines tickets.

* Determine the number of adults and children who will accompany you on your journey.

* Once you've submitted your information, the Website will show you a list of flights from which you may pick and purchase a ticket.

* You may now pay for your American Airlines tickets and reserve a spot on one of their planes.

* Finally, American Airlines will give you an email with your ticket confirmation, which you may use to check in for your flight.



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