United Airlines has established a clear and open flight cancellation and refund policy that is consistent with the company's other business practises, eliminating the risk of future inconsistencies. The policy on flight cancellations and refunds for United Airlines differs depending on the pricing restrictions and ticket category. Voluntary cancellation of United flights by the traveller may result in fines being removed from the original cost, however involuntary cancellation by the airline provides travellers with a variety of options. We, as a United Airlines ticket supplier, strictly follow the airline's booking and cancellation policies because cancellation and refund are under the airline's authority.

* Open the official United Airlines website, www.united.com, on your computer or mobile device.
* Look for the 'Reservation' tab and drop-down menu at the top of the webpage.
* Click on the 'Change or View Reservation' option from the drop-down menu.
* To access your booking, enter your booking confirmation number and last name, or your frequent flyer number.
* You now have the ability to amend or cancel your reservation.
* Refunds are processed according to airline restrictions when a flight is cancelled.

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