Rare Earth Metal Market-Overview

The robust potential of rare earth metals is estimated to create traction for the global rare earth metal market share. The market's report is efficiently analyzed as per MRFR, which provides outlooks for the global markets. The market is estimated to display astounding CAGR development in the duration of the forecast period.

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The drastic increase in usage of a massive number of rare earth metals in offshore wind turbines is estimated to promote the expansion of the rare earth metal market share in the forecast period. Moreover, players in the market are also steadily building their assets to capitalize on the development of the market for rare earth metals in the future.

Segmental Analysis

The segmental study of the Rare earth metal market share is carried out on the basis of type, end use and region. The type segment of the rare earth metal market consists of neodymium, lanthanum, europium, cerium, and samarium. The end-user segment of the rare earth metal market consists of metals alloys, magnets, polishing, and catalysts. The region segment of the rare earth metal market consists of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other eminent regional markets.

Detailed Regional Analysis 

The regional scrutiny of the rare earth metal market includes North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other eminent regional markets. The Asia Pacific rare earth metal market is anticipated to be the largest buyer and manufacturer of worldwide rare earth metals with the elevated consumption of these metals in China. The North American rare earth metal market is also anticipated to grow speedily as it is the foremost importer of rare earth metals from China, which is the largest extraction region of rare earth metals.

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Competitive Analysis

​ The balance between demand and supply forces should be stabilized to reap the benefits of the market's progress in the upcoming years. The market is estimated to reverberate with the developments being initiated in the market. The contenders in the market are estimated to take on a proactive role in the progress of the global market. The focus on accelerating the returns from the capital devoted to innovation is observed to be amplified. The government bodies are predicted to pitch in constructively to keep the markets going on the path of development. The revamp in market operations and the effect of lockdowns are anticipated to fuel the market's progress in the upcoming period. The creation of market niches or specialization is predicted to support the companies' progress who are operating in the global market. Additionally, the optimization of trade strategies and policies between different countries is estimated to affect the overall market expansion further. The deployment of virtual resources is estimated to bolster the overall market.

The prominent companies in the rare earth metal market are Molycorp Inc. (U.S.), Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (Canada), Baotou Steel Rare-earth (China), Lynas Corporation, Ltd. (Australia), Tantalus Rare Earths AG (Germany), Tasman Metals Ltd. (Canada), Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd. (Australia), Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (Canada) and Alkane Resources Ltd (Australia).

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Industry Updates:

Mar 2021 Granada Gold Mine Inc. has declared the important detection of Rubidium (Rb), Scandium (Sc), and Cesium (Cs) on the Big Claim of the Granada Gold Mine land in Canada. Results are just primary assessments, and full core lengths have not yet been examined in two holes bored at the northern area of the Big Claim. The company came across rare facies of altered rock which has been tested in portions of the drill core. The mineralized fractions of the core have been examined for 56 metals.

Mar 2021 Vital Metals, a Rare earth developer, completed a USD 33.2m institutional assignment to fund the growth of the Nechalacho Rare Earths Project in Canada. Situated at Nechalacho in the Northwestern Territories, the rare earth development is supposed to possess high-grade, near-surface mineralization. The business heard firm promises from sophisticated, institutional, and professional backers for the placement of about 661.5 million stocks, for 6.5 cents apiece.

Apr 2021 The Japanese administration is ready to increase backing to examine rare earth metals as competition in the sector strengthens amid a quickening global shift to electric vehicles. The administration is contemplating raising the 50% upper limit on government backing for resource survey projects by the end of this year. This will permit state-backed Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp. to bear more than half of the budgets of surveying and progressing natural resource mines.