Since the opening of the World of Warcraft nostalgic server TBC on the eve, many players of new races have successively reached their level. At present, the fastest blood elf paladin and Draenei shaman spent 14 hours and 12 hours respectively. Even for ordinary players, after removing the 30 instances per day limit, the upgraded efficiency has been greatly improved. However, there is a well-known saying in World of Warcraft that full level is the beginning. It's nothing to upgrade quickly. It's rare to graduate one day after full level. Of course, enough WOW TBC Classic Gold can make players develop faster.

A few days ago, a player in the World of Warcraft nostalgic server shared his own Draenei shaman upgrade process. According to the player, the Draenei shaman was established as soon as it was opened on the eve, and it only took three days. He was promoted to full level. Obviously, this upgrade speed is very fast.

After the full level, the player went directly to the Naxxramas, planning to take some equipment to use in the TBC upgrade stage. How do you know that this team has been dropping shaman's equipment, and not only the T3 suit but also the weapons of the healing specialization That's it? In the end, this player basically graduated with just one Naxxramas. In addition to the above Draenei player, there are other players in the nostalgic server who also upgraded their Draenei shaman to full level in just 4 days and got the enviable Naxxramas equipment. Although with the opening of TBC on the eve of the opening of the Naxxramas gold group, the price of equipment in the Naxxramas gold group is also declining, the process of three days at full level and one graduation like this shaman has also made countless players can't help but sigh, Is this the power of krypton gold? Earning WOW TBC Classic Gold is troublesome. TBC WOW Classic Gold For Sale, MMOSO is safe and reliable.