Many printing technologies can be found in the market today, with each one serving an ideal market segment. The ability of a thermal printer to use heat to seal the ink onto the paper that it is printing on distinguishes it from other printers. This type of printer typically consists of a printing head, an ink ribbon, a rubber roller, and a specific thermal paper roll.

The printer head, like a thermal fax machine, heats up the ink ribbon, which has a polyester-film backing, to print the string of text desired onto the paper. The rubber roller propels the paper forward, where the heated ribbon is rubbed against it to print the desired character string.

The speed at which all of this is accomplished, printing areas of 6-12 inches per second, is what makes a thermal printer function so well. Regular ink-jet and laser printers use a distinct type of ink, whereas thermal technology employs ink made of wax, resin, or a mixture of the two. The printed product should not be subjected to moist conditions or harsh chemicals.

Point-of-sale terminals and bar code printing for inventory tracking purposes are the most common applications for printers that use thermal technology. When kept in storage, the ink ribbons of a thermal printer should be protected from both damp environments and strong chemicals. 

Ink ribbons should also be kept away from heat, light, and moisture as they can be sensitive to such environments. Thermal printers make for efficient and cost-effective printing solutions in sales and inventory applications.

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