Sentinel Challenge League

Sentinel Challenge League is a great opportunity for players to get a fresh start. After completing the league, it will improve you in Path of Exile and master more skills. Players can also Buy POE Currency to enhance their combat effectiveness.

In Sentinel Challenge League, Path of Exile Wraeclast has been updated with new buildings. Players can complete battles with the help of Sentinel’s power. However, the strength of the enemy is increased for a short period.

Three types of Sentinels have been updated in the game. When the player encounters them, they will get a similar number of enemies. The second category is that Pandemonium Sentinels have powerful explosive power while strengthening monsters. The third category is Apex Sentinels, which only enhance unique enemies, but his effects are powerful.

Players can customize the behavior of Sentinel Controller. It deployed the filament on the controller to achieve the effect of controlling Sentinel. It can also combine them with the Power Core to make a new Sentinel when the Sentinel is out of power.

In 3.18.0, GGG divides Sentinel Challenge Leagues into three versions: Standard, Hardcore, and Solo Self-Play. Their items and mechanics are the same. Players can customize their personal leagues or choose different modes. You can buy Exalted Orb to enhance the game experience. So, go head.