New Jordans Release 2021 The classic "smoky gray"! The new Nike Dunk High official image is exposed! Dunk, which was born in 1985, has attracted the attention of countless fashion lovers with its classic style and continuous blockbuster co-branding. Two-thirds of 2021 is about to end. I don’t know which sneakers you have bought in the first quarter of this year? Looking back on the past three months in 2021, it is no exaggeration to say that this year Dunk and Dunk SB are still "dominating" the shoe circle!
Recently, the brand new color Nike Dunk High official image was exposed. The whole pair of shoes is made of leather material, the upper is covered in light gray, and the dark gray shoe body frame brings a good texture while giving a simple and atmospheric appearance. The use of black laces complements the color of the shoes, creating a low-key and unassuming visual effect. The oxidized yellow midsole adds a touch of retro to the whole pair of shoes.
It is reported that the new Nike Dunk High is on sale at a sale price of $93. Those who are interested should not miss it. Those who say that Blazer is about to rise this year and the Air Jordan 1 is back to the top will not fail to acknowledge the strength of Dunk. Bar? However, I have to say that I hope that the market price of Dunk and Dunk SB can pick up, so that more players have the opportunity to experience it. . Nike Dunk High Grey White DD1869-001