Players are constantly looking for new stunts in the challenging action game Elden Ring. This time, one player defeated the Mimic Tear boss fight without hitting it. Reddit user Going_Loki posted a video on Reddit on Tuesday.

Mimic Tear battles are mini-bosses you fight before getting Cheap Elden Ring Items. Special Summons allow you to sacrifice health to summon a replica of your character. Boss battles replicate the concept of summoning and have you fight clones of your character. It's a tough boss fight and a powerful call because you're essentially fighting yourself. (Polygon has a guide on how to get Mimic Tear Ashes.)

To accomplish this feat, Going_Loki joins the fight using the Bloody Slash ability equipped on the weapon, and then dismounts it. Mimic Tear keeps using it and then it drains its own health. You can check out the full video below, but it involves a lot of scrolling.

This is far from the first incredible stunt player to succeed in a difficult action game. Since FromSoftware released the game in February, players have shaved the world record for game completion speed from less than an hour to less than nine minutes.

Elden Ring is, yes, very hard. But it's also funny? Polygon's Jenna Stoeber explains how With the Elden Ring, FromSoftware has mastered jokes and ambient humor, a style of storytelling in which the punchline is almost die.

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