Instagram's Stories tool was one of the main responsible for leveraging the use of the platform. However, as the videos are available to be watched for only 24 hours, many users wonder if there is a way to download videos from Stories on Instagram.

The good news for everyone is that yes, it is possible to do this, either using the Google Chrome browser or via an Android smartphone. It is a simple way to immortalize some moments that could be ephemeral. Downloading videos is also a way for brands to have proof that certain actions have been taken and can document campaigns.

In this article, we will teach you how you can do it simply and quickly. Let's go step by step.

Downloading videos from Stories via Google Chrome

First, let's learn how to download stories instagram videos through Google Chrome on PC. For this, of course, you need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer and access your Instagram account through it.

Click on the link to download it and follow the installation step by step. A small icon should appear in the upper right corner of your browser.

If you haven't logged into your Instagram account yet, do so now after installing the extension.

Step 02:  A list with the profiles that have active Stories will open. Now, click on the avatar of any of the profiles you follow that have posted some content in Stories. This will make the videos posted by him to be viewed, just like you do on mobile.

Step 03:  Next to the profile, the download symbol will appear with an arrow pointing down. It will start to download Stories from the chosen profile. The program will save to your default downloads folder.

Downloading videos from Stories via Android

If you followed the steps above in Google Chrome, know that it is also possible to download content from Stories through Android. For that, you'll need a helper app, Story Saver, for Instagram.

After installing the app, access it by logging in with your Instagram account. Now browse through it and select the stories you want to download. Next, tap on the desired video and choose the "Save" option. The content will be saved to your image gallery and can even be reposted on Instagram if you wish.

Downloading videos from Stories via iOS

The steps to download Stories on iOS are practically the same as on Android, but in that case, you'll need a different app. Again, we recommend Story Reposter for Instagram.

After logging into the app, choose the profile you want to download a post from and click on the avatar to watch the videos.

They will be displayed as a listing. Just choose the desired video by tapping on it and then select "Share."

In the new menu that will open, select "Save Video," and that's it! Download successful.