NBA 2K22 has been available for use for a week. Before others have played, many players have prepared enough NBA 2K22 MT for their careers. For some players who started playing MyCareer, they can create their own prospects to take part in NBA games, and choose an agency from two different agency options to represent them throughout the journey.

In the draft day task, players must decide whether to choose Palmer Athletic Agency or Berry and Associates. Each agency has its own privileges, depending on what players expect from their players. In fact, many players will choose to buy NBA 2K22 MT to get some powerful players.

Palmer Athletic Agency is the most professional agency. He will tell players to focus only on playing basketball, and they will be responsible for other tasks. It will bring shoe deals and other sponsorships to players, but considering that it is a large organization, other names may obscure players at the beginning of their careers. Berry and Associates is a relatively small agency that is engaged in other areas, such as music and fashion. Compared to becoming an outstanding NBA player, players will have more time and freedom to develop their own brand and more freedom to develop their own brand and become a superstar of the agency. They can also Buy NBA 2K22 MT to buy some rare items at the auction house.

Which one is the best choice? It is impossible to say which institution treats their players better, because it really depends on the skills of the players and their professional expectations. If players just want to be the best NBA player in the world, Palmer Athletic Agency is the agency that players should choose. If the players work hard and become a significant player, you will not have to focus on other activities, and you will get a lot of virtual currency (VC). But if players want to explore other opportunities besides playing basketball in their careers, it is best to choose Berry and Associates. In NBA 2K22, they will also get a lot of NBA 2K22 MT through some challenging tasks. But everything depends on the players’ own ideas.