Abiracine is a prescription medication that is available in the strength of 250mg. These tablets are given to those patients who are suffering from cancer of the prostate gland. This medicine can be used for other cancers too. This regime is capable of working in combination with other medicines as well. The abiraterone tablet can be taken without food. It must not be taken with a meal as it might lead to serious side effects. Follow the dosage and duration of this medicine according to your doctor’s prescription. The abiraterone tablets price in india is available on Magicine Pharma. Some of its side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Purchase this medicine today! 


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Orgovyx is a prescription medication that is made up of the active ingredient Relugolix. The strength of the relugolix tablet is 120mg. This oral tablet is given to men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. This medicine is not able to heal prostate cancer. The male hormone testosterone is responsible for spreading this type of cancer in your body. This medication works by reducing the amount of testosterone hormone produced within your body. You can enquire about the relugolix price in india on Magicine Pharma. This medicine gets absorbed by your skin and lungs. So, it must not be given to pregnant women. Get this medicine today!