Bags of liquid filling machine, we can easily see from water filling machine the literal meaning, it is a kind of liquid filling machine filling bags products. With the continuous development of economy, more and more packaged products, which means that the bags of liquid filling machine market will continue to grow. So, our bags of liquid filling machine used in what areas?
Soy sauce vinegar daily chemical industry: our life is indispensable to daily necessities sauce vinegar tea, including soy sauce and vinegar. We have common soy sauce and vinegar a large portion of the situation, is to use the bag bag liquid filling machine can satisfy these requirements, the soy sauce and vinegar in a different situation is dedicated to the broad masses of consumers.
Milk yogurt beverage industry: we are familiar with the various tastes of dairy products, mostly by liquid filling machine for filling the bags, the reason is very simple, beverage manufacturers of fruit juice production are generally not in mass production, using liquid filling machine bags can greatly improve the speed of production, improve production efficiency. And bagged the liquid filling machine can be used in a variety of specifications bag filling, selective space.
Processes of liquid filling machine is commonly: boxes piled juice filling machine up with empty bottle on the tray, the conveyor belt to unload tray machine, remove the tray one by one, the box with the conveyor belt to discharge machine, remove empty bottles from the box, empty the conveyor belt to the washing machine, the clean, and then transported to packing machine, so that the beverage containing bottles into one. Empty bottles, taken from the discharge machine, by another conveyor belt into the bottle washing machine disinfection and cleaning, the bottle inspection machine, after cleaning standards into the filling machine and sealing machine. Drink by filling machine into the bottle. Good drink bottles, the capping machine affix a seal to labeling machine labeling, labeled after sent to packing machine into the box and then sent to the stack tray stacked on the pallet into the warehouse.
Generally at present, automatic liquid filling machine is gradually liquid bottle filling machine perfect, liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, granule filling machine, etc., can meet the needs of different types of customer, and part of the equipment can also be customized according to customer requirements, completely broke the previous blindly imitate the pattern of foreign products. And in the modern automatic liquid filling machine under the promotion of new technology, its packaging function more perfect, more perfect the all packing of the goods, and recognized by the market. Useful to promote the company on the sale of goods, to assist the production to the rapid development of company.