In the interactive electronic whiteboard before delivery, we need smartboards in classrooms different kinds of test, to ensure that our display is reliable, stable and qualified quality. Due to the interactive electronic whiteboard is made of glass and liquid crystal material box structure, restricted by factors such as temperature, humidity, general LCD screen will exist in such aspects as working temperature and storage temperature product defects. Therefore, the reliability of the interactive electronic whiteboard test is particularly important.
Interactive electronic whiteboard reliability testing refers to our LCD products under the condition of which is reliable and stable. Through the reliability test, make the customer to our screens recognizes the durability and reliability of the product. Before implementation, our components to be exposed to adverse environment, such as temperature, humidity, etc. In order to make the function of the product in line with expectations, we need to do a series of improvement of product. LCD screen reliability test results (including number), can be found in our product specification information and data in detail.
Next, we will introduce all kinds of interactive whiteboards in the classroom interactive electronic whiteboard reliability test, and test process.
A storage temperature test, interactive electronic whiteboard
LCD product electrical performance with interactive flat panel display temperature rising or falling sharply altered obviously. These tests is to assess on the LCD panel under the condition of equipment shut down, equipment, the effect of long-term exposure to high temperature and low temperature. Before the test, the test screen must be placed under the set temperature for a period of time. After the test, within the prescribed period of time for visual and electrical check test screen. Laboratory of temperature from room temperature, as each test to increase and decrease, until the damage observed test screen.
Second, interactive electronic whiteboard work temperature interactive boards for classrooms test
These tests and there is electric pressure on a bit of different factors. In other words, the test panel is tested in the process of its operation. Typically, these tests by the temperature range of smaller than storage test.
Three temperature cycle test, interactive electronic whiteboard
Define equipment to cyclical classroom interactive whiteboard temperature tolerance. In a relatively short period of time, the test screen is heating and cooling. The tests tell how you display products on the impact of temperature tolerance. These tests are also done in a special laboratory.