Elden Ring is a big game, so players will see some reusable bosses when fighting. Radagon's Red Wolf is one of the reusable bosses. While players battled it a few times, some Elden Ring players didn't notice an interesting detail.

Honestly this detail is so small that players don't have much chance to take a close look at Radagon's red wolf. Version The player is fighting Rennala in the front, while the little red wolf of the Radagon is moving at a fast speed in the back. The beasts are constantly jumping, and the player can hardly stop to rest. However, the fight is fair, Radagon's red wolf has very low health, and the player only needs a few hits to win.

If the Elden Ring player finds a way to slow down the Radagon's red wolf, then zoom in on the Radagon's red wolf and look closely to reveal some jewels on the beast's ears. If the player can see the fur on its neck, some rings can be spotted.

Some Elden Ring players don't know that Red Wolf has jewels. Radagon's Red Wolf has a ring for every time he beats a player. Dear players, if you want to get these jewels, you can come to IGGM, there are Cheap Elden Ring Runes you can't think of, you can buy Elden Ring Runes and Elden Ring Items at a discounted price, don't hesitate, you deserve them.

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