There are a lot of surprise cards in the set We'll take a look at each and Mut 23 Coins , more importantly, the top cards in the set.Madden 22 Ultimate Team Golden Ticket cardsThe brand-new Madden 22 Ultimate Team cards are the Golden Ticket cards from the promotion that came out in the last few months. As of today the cards are in stock.

They were announced in Good Morning Madden, these Golden Ticket cards are all 99 OVR cards and each of them can be used to fill an entry in your roster of MUT22.The best Golden Ticket cards available in MUT 22With so many Golden Ticket options available, it might be hard for the player to know which are the most effective choices in the set.

Of course, all of this is based on demands of the team. So if you need a good defensive back, you'd need to target the 99 OVR Rasul Douglas. Or Justin Layne.Today, new Heavyweight cards have been added to Madden 22 Ultimate Team. This is an excellent news as the Fan Appreciation promo is still going on.Five new cards have landed on the MUT 22 platform , and we've got the ratings for each of them. We'll also tell you which one is our choice.

Let's look at the brand new Madden 22 Ultimate Team Heavyweights.New Madden 22 Ultimate Team HeavyweightsWith five great cards that are available today on the platform Cheap Madden nfl 23 Coins, you can start adding some amazing Heavyweights to the Madden 22 Ultimate Team lineup.Considering Madden 22 is slowing down in terms of new releases It's refreshing to see that cards are still being added to MUT 22.