• Bookings made through aircanada.com are the only ones covered by Air Canada's flight change policy. Contact information for the Air Canada airport counter or for reservations.
  • No matter the level of service, the number of passengers, or the kind of trip that was booked, Air Canada flight change reservation apply in every situation.
  • According to Air Canada's flight date modification policy, passengers may change their flight dates up to two hours before scheduled domestic departure and three hours before scheduled international departure.
  • Reservation changes can be made by passengers without incurring additional fees from Air Canada. The fare difference will be the responsibility of the traveller if he chooses a new flight that is more expensive than the original flight fare.
  • If the price is lower, the airline will convert the remaining fare value into future travel credits that can only be used by the person who purchased the original ticket within a year after the initial reservation date.
  • If done within 24 hours after making the reservation, passengers can change their Air Canada plans without incurring a fee.


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