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Animal Crossing: New Horizons released in March, millions of people flock to life simulation game. The number of players invest time and effort to design and decorate your own island paradise pleasantly surprising them. Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of the game, many villagers believe that we can recruit their island.

Audi, DOM, Judy Marshall, Oz and Raymond are some of the most popular, sought after by the villagersIt takes quite a long time, and dedication to their island filled with such uncommon words. Then, rookie Community trade some players have resorted to popular villagers currency real money in the game. Some villagers are cheap, while others paid a heavy price.

Due to the expansion of the Animal Crossing Items demand of the villagers, a fan favorite, a number of gaming sites and articles dedicated to the exchange of villagers appeared. These sites have become his rookie contract culture a prominent part. Some sites only for Trinidad bell monopoly or exchange tickets. Other uses, as well as real currency in the game. This is a typical breed black market, is committed to Animal Crossing.

A Japanese news media, J- actor, recently reported a popular figure, DOM, Judy, MarshalIt such as the price of real money. Obviously, those villagers, 5000 yen (about $ 47) price. Therefore, for real money trading J- actor Nintendo hand continue to interview some of the villagers.