Buying real followers is one of the things you can do to increase the number of followers on your page. But what is the advantage of this work? The first advantage that is proposed for this work is to increase the credibility of your page. Many Instagram users consider the number of followers to measure the value and credibility of a page. So, in the first step, by buying real followers, you can make your page look authentic and get ahead of your competitors who have less followers. (However, expert and professional people in the field of Instagram know that followers are not the only criteria and they can easily get this value and credibility by buying real Instagram followers and original pages. For example, a novice page can start Buy 50k followers and make yourself appear completely authentic and popular.)
If your page has activities such as liking, commenting, saving, and sharing at a high level and the engagement rate of the screw increases, then Instagram automatically considers that page valid.
The increase in the engagement rate with the purchase of 50k followers shows Google's algorithms that your page is popular and its content is useful and entertaining. As a result, Instagram decides to send this page and its post to Explorer. Being on Explorer can help attract organic followers and increase the number of followers. You can choose the best type of followers and services for your Instagram page and get them very easily from reliable service providers to benefit from this advantage.

source: خرید فالوور فعال