Bulk CBC Distillate: THC and CBD can be consumed in a variety of ways. You've probably heard of terms like weed oil, CBC distillate, honey oil, wax, concentrates, and others, but what exactly is distillate? What distinguishes a distillate from other THC and CBC products? The entire distillation process is covered in this guide, from lab certification and testing to extraction, filtering, and packaging.

What Exactly Is Distillation?

The process of extracting and refining the active components of marijuana derived from the hemp plant is the formal definition of CBC distillation. The term "CBC distillate" refers to a highly concentrated CBC extract that has been thoroughly stripped of all materials and compounds except one specific cannabinoid, most commonly THC or CBC.

The Bulk CBC Distillate production technique combines science and art to create a pure molecular level CBC concentrate that is virtually tasteless and odourless, as well as containing nearly 99 percent pure THC concentrate with tremendous medicinal properties.

How Is CBC Distilate Produced?

Distillation is a well-known science that yields ultra-pure and potent THC. Bona Voluntate Extracts distillate is produced in a cutting-edge laboratory, resulting in a high-potency Wholesale CBC Distillate extract free of contaminants, pesticides, and other impurities for the best quality and smoothest delivery possible.

Bona Voluntate Extracts' premium distillate is created in the following way:


The bulk is processed in the cutting-edge laboratory of Bona Voluntate Extracts. CBC Distillate is made from a large amount of CBC flower or bud. Because all plant matter and biomass are removed, the flower strain has little effect on the end product, resulting in a pure THC concentrate.

Wholesale CBC Distillate farmers in Oklahoma provide CBC flower to Bona Voluntate Extracts. An independent third-party lab tests the flower for contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, and harmful chemical residues, as well as THC potency. For further processing, the flower is shredded and ground up.


To achieve the required medicinal properties, the CBC flower must be decarboxylated in order for the THC acid to interact effectively with the human body. Heating marijuana is used to activate the cannabinoids and remove the carboxylic acid from the cannabinoid chemical compound. THC can then bind to receptors in the body, providing therapeutic benefits.


Bona Voluntate Extracts extracts crude oils from Wholesale CBC Distillate plant matter using CO2 (carbon dioxide). This is an extraction method that does not use any solvents. While CO2 extraction takes longer than other solvent-based processes, the resulting extract is cleaner and smoother than alternatives such as butane.


To separate and remove fats from weed oil, CBC distillation employs heating and cooling processes. Cooling and warming the Wholesale CBC Distillate concentrate to remove waxes, fats, and other undesirable compounds is what pre-winterizing and winterizing entails. Cold filtration yields a clear, solvent-free liquid.

Bona Voluntate Extracts repeats this process several times to achieve an ultra-pure extract, resulting in a cleaner, crude extract.


The final steps of the Bulk CBC Distillate process use heat, pressure, and evaporation to separate cannabinoids (THC and/or CBC) from any remaining plant matter and high-burning terpenes. When this final step is completed, the finished product has reached its peak potency.


Bona Voluntate Extracts goes one step further after completing the Wholesale CBC Distillate distillation process to create a distinct and truly one-of-a-kind CBC experience. Natural terpenes such as Myrcene, Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Luteolin are reintroduced into the distillate for flavour and medicinal properties. This final step determines the CBC strain and flavour of the finished product, resulting in a delicious and highly potent Bulk CBC Distillate.