Rolonet is a social network with benefits to the users that provides online access to products, services and contacts.  It is a platform that embraces and provides free education while providing direct access to artists and educators where they can provide their content to members while gaining recognition throughout the social community of users.


Through the use of Rolonet, everything is interconnected via the social relationship of its users its benefits and allows users to access educational content as well as provides various avenues of enhancement such as web development, mobile app development, finance and accounting, personal development, entrepreneurship and much more. 

On the Rolonet platform, our aim is to break down educational barriers by providing access to everyone around the world as long as they have internet access. By providing recorded videos and live classes we bridge the idea of free education in different sectors by giving access to everyone. 


Recognition is paramount, as Rolonet provides the path of educational access to our social community of users, and also acknowledged them for their hard work through achieving specific goals through commitment, consistency and perseverance.