An Indian youth who had monkeypox died on August 1, 2022, in Kerala’s Thrissur. This news has spread like fire throughout the nation, spreading fears. People are concerned about their and their loved ones’ health, well-being, and life. Since the Indian government claims that it’s prepared this time and in a better way, and since people also don’t want to give up their dreams, they want to defeat the virus as they defeated COVID. On that note, relocation has become common nowadays. Since it’s a time of crisis, you must consider these below-mentioned tips when moving with professional packers and movers in Bandra, Mumbai.

  1. Digital inventory - An online survey is vital for a safe process as it is said that monkeypox, like COVID, is spread if you come in contact with an infected person.
  1. Digital paperwork - Like virtual inventory, you can complete the paperwork online. Ask the company to email you a copy of their legal records online with their terms and conditions, payment process, etc., and everything in detail. Make sure they offer contactless payment.
  1. Health status of the crew - Make sure to ask the service provider to send you the list of those crew members with their current body temperature who will come to your place to perform the task.
  1. Maintain distance - Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, a six-feet distance is crucial when the moving crew comes to your place to perform the relocation task. Plus, clean and disinfect the entire house, especially potentially suspected areas, with sanitizer sprays and liquids.

Concluding Note 

Moving is stressful. Although professional packers and movers in Mumbai handle the entire relocation process with utmost care and precision, you must keep the above tips in mind to stay safe while moving.