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Korean clothing ( 韓國服裝 ) is very trendy now and then. And to help you achieve this style, here are some tips to get you looking like a Korean pop star. Korean traditional clothing, hanbok, has maintained its basic traditional features throughout Korea. There is no specific name for Korean street fashion, but often people describe two distinct styles: Hongdae street fashion and Ewha street fashion.

Korean clothing culture, be that k-pop, beauty, or fashion, is so powerful and far-reaching that there's a unique term to describe its impact. Korean fashion is rather conservative, while western fashion is more liberal, and when it comes to showing skin, Koreans will pick one part to show off and cover up the rest. You can buy Korean clothes as well as from Go Rigor Culture.

What is plankton?

The term plankton is a collective name for all such organisms, including certain algae, bacteria, protozoans, plankton, crustaceans, mollusks, and coelenterates, as well as representatives from almost every other phylum of animals. Plankton, marine, and freshwater organisms because they are non-motile or too small or weak to swim against the current, exist in a drifting state.

Plankton (浮游花) has traditionally been categorized into producer, consumer, and recycler groups, but some plankton is able to benefit from more than just one tropic level. You can now read more about this on Go Rigor Culture.

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