Completing a dissertation requires a lot of time, effort and hard work. It comes with a string of processes which cannot be done in a shortcut. However, you can optimise the ways and opt to work smarter. Some smart tools for dissertation writing guide you to work faster and better. Moreover, these tools are readily available on the internet.

Therefore, read more to know the following tools.

1. Grammarly: While writing in the plain MS office, you must want to know the ways to fix your grammar. Grammarly helps it instantly. With this tool, you can immediately fix grammatical errors.

Moreover, the app shows correct suggestions to bring clarity and conciseness to your work. The app is convenient for proofreading and reshaping your grammar. Grammarly integrates directly on different word documents irrespective of any operating system. Thus, it's a highly versatile tool for editing your work.

2. EverNote: Have you been writing thesis papers on literature marketing dissertation topics? Then you are handling many study materials to pen down in your essays. Moreover, you've to make several notes for your thesis.

Therefore, with EverNote, you can seamlessly handle your stream of materials. EverNote is the ultimate note-taking app that will allow you to present notes from different formats, including photos, audio, and text.

3. Dropbox: You must have downloaded plenty of study materials for your thesis. Your dissertation tutor may provide you with some references that you can implement in your work. However, if you're not storing them properly, it can be a major risk.

Sometimes, your laptop or computers may risk getting corrupt. The loss of files can crush all the hard work that you did so far to prepare your thesis. That's why it is suggested to store them on a cloud storage app. Like Dropbox, Google Drive can work for you. It provides up to 18GB of free space where you can upload and store the files. You can also get business intelligence assignment help by our top assignment experts.

4. Mendeley: Mendeley is a free reference management tool that takes care of the citation and references in your document. You can load your journals in MS word in whichever format you choose, for example, APA, Chicago citation style and more.

Writing a dissertation can be daunting yet exciting. It takes plenty of time to frame and rewrite your assignments. Nevertheless, you'll be soon able to ace it once you get hold of these tools. Good luck!