NBA 2K is still in the stage of re-establishment, and we have been influenced by MyCareer's RPG series and instilled its ideas in the stadium, making the game make new changes. In the last year, the content of the game has taken a big step in the direction of being more attractive, and this breakthrough has laid a solid foundation for many modes: such as strong defensive games, and perimeter games that are better suited for small players. Game developers have found ways to take advantage of these advantages of NBA 2K23 to continue to innovate on the court, and to better integrate the WNBA into these modes, making the game experience for players a lot more. At the same time, NBA 2K23 players have new features, which also makes the in-game currency NBA 2K23 MT more valuable. If you want to get better players to play for your team and NBA 2K23 MT is not enough, you can Go to UTnice to make purchases with unparalleled service and 100% security.NBA 2K23 MyTeam

Visual Concepts has an honest look at what's changed this year, aside from the return of the Jordan Challenge with 15 flashbacks from Michael Jordan's career, they haven't taken a close look at the mode this year has yet, but we all know NBA 2k updates a lot of things to look forward to

exactly what's going to happen in terms of gameplay. what happened. Here are the major additions and changes coming on September 9:
 1. The gameplay becomes better and simpler
Visual Concepts knows that this game is not very friendly for beginners, so in order to reduce the learning load and pressure of beginners, NBA 2K23's novice difficulty has become better and simpler, it can give beginners a good sense of achievement, and with the Novice players are gradually accustomed to the operation content and system content of the game, they can immediately master various actions, so as to achieve better and easier winning
 If you want to add more viewing to your high-end play, you can now use the Pro Stick for a turnaround or crotch layup, for double throws, point the telemetry in one direction, and when the ball bounces back to center quickly bounces in the other direction. There are many other complex operations that can be practiced after the game is launched.
3. Dunk and stay on the rim
 Meter dunks are back, and you can now use the Pro Stick to determine which dunk you want by flicking in one direction. You can tap to dunk with both hands, or flick up and down for a more entertaining dunk. If you want the player to gain enough momentum, then you can push the right stick to make the player jump higher. In the new version of NBA 2K23, the left stick has added a new function, you can use the seatpost to move your camera.
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