Shen Xingchen didn't dare to look at him: "Yes." Just have to wait and do a little more. Zhou Mo Ran thought she was really stiff, thinking that today she came suddenly and did have a lot of inconsiderate places, some sorry: "Is your phone still there?"? Do you want to tell your family that you are safe? Hearing what he said, Shen Xingchen remembered Mu Anan, who was left in the studio by her: "Oh, no, no!"! Ann doesn't know I'm here yet, and she's looking for me crazily now! She wanted to touch her cell phone, but when she turned around, she thought, where is her cell phone? Professor Zhou, can you lend me your mobile phone? I'll call our home Ann. "You know Ann?" Zhou Mo's eyebrows were obviously slightly frowned for a moment. Ann is my assistant. Of course I know Ann. Which Ann are you talking about? Zhou Mo Ran shook his head: "It's all right, you wait for me to get the phone for you." After a while, as expected, Zhou Mo Ran turned out a thick piece of hard iron from a corner of the drawer: "There is still a little electricity. It should be enough." Shen Xingchen took it blankly: "This." Is it a cell phone? No logo, no mark,plastic cosmetic tubes, not to mention that this is a mobile phone, Shen Xingchen has to think that this is a lighter with buttons and display screen. Zhou Mo Ran explained: "I have not used anything else, all my communications have to be encrypted, the general base station communication is not safe enough." Shen Xingchen smacked his tongue: "That is to say, is there a special base station responsible for your personal communication?" Zhou Mo Ran: "I'm not using it alone." Shen Xingchen suddenly thought: "Doesn't that mean that your every move is being monitored to death?" Zhou Mo Ran hesitated for a moment: "I can't say that." In the end how to say he did not continue to explain, Shen Xingchen saw that he did not speak also took the old man machine to one side to call Mu Anan. The phone rang twice and was quickly picked up: "Brother Dust?"? Is that you,polyfoil tube, Brother Dust? Shen Xingchen's eyebrows stretched: "It's me, Ann.". Something happened to my family and I came back suddenly. I didn't have time to tell you that I worried you. "Wow.." Shen Xingchen, you have no conscience. Do you know you scared me to death. Whoo, whoo.. Mu Anan suddenly broke down. It can be imagined that he was really scared tonight: "I didn't dare to tell Sister Qing that I was looking for you everywhere secretly with Yonghuai. I was afraid that you would be cheated.." Shen Xingchen quickly comforted: "Ann, don't cry. It's my fault. This time there is really something urgent to go." "Don't you even have time to send a text message in a hurry?"? Shen Xingchen, you're hiding something from me! Shen Xingchen combed his half-dry hair and said, "Well, don't think I can tell you what's going on. Go back to rest early and pack my clothes into boxes. Someone will come to you tomorrow." Mu Anan: Who? Where on earth are you now? Seeing that he could not hide it, Shen Xingchen quickly changed the subject: "Well, what?"? Ann, I don't have a good signal here. I can't hear very well. As she spoke, she pulled away from the phone, cosmetic tube packaging ,custom cosmetic packaging, and when she crossed the top of her head, she planned to hang up. She couldn't stand Mu Anan to see her intention: "Shen Xingchen, you dare to hang up my phone!" Deafening than a speakerphone. Shen Xingchen said helplessly, "Ann, you really don't have to worry. Before you come back, you have to be steady for me and wait for me to come back." The other end was silent for a long time before he heard Mu Anan say, "Come back and take care of you." Shen Xingchen repeatedly nodded: "OK, OK." "Sister Qing has just contacted me." Shen Xingchen was nervous: "What's the matter?" "I pushed several scripts for you, one of which was a good team of ancient puppets, but it was pushed because of the conflict with your variety show schedule, so you don't regret it." Shen Xingchen smiled: "I don't regret it. Can I regret making money?" "You!"! Just a poor mouth. Two people said two sentences again, until Mu Anan completely put down the heart Shen Xingchen only then hung up the telephone. She was about to return the phone to Zhou Mo Ran when she turned her head and saw that he was half lying in bed at some point, holding a pen and paper in his hand, but it didn't seem like he was taking notes. Shen Xingchen walked in and unexpectedly saw a sketch book in his hand. Can you still draw? He's really sketching, and the lines are smooth, confident and elegant. "Well," Zhou Mo ran did not look up, "it helps to distract attention." "Distraction?"? Why do you do this? Isn't it better for you to concentrate? Shen Xingchen also stepped on the bed with doubts in his arms, and naturally knelt down beside Zhou Mo's body, moving as if he had done it countless times. It's past eleven o'clock. I've taken the medicine and waited to fall asleep at this time. Recently, the medicine doesn't work. You have to accompany me. Without analyzing how ambiguous the words were, Shen Xingchen grasped the key point: "What does this have to do with your distraction?" When Zhou Mo ran heard this, he slowly raised his head and said, "If you can't sleep, you will have a headache. It hurts." He paused for a moment, Shen Xingchen noticed that his knuckles on the drawing board had turned slightly white, and although his face had not changed, it was still not difficult to see that he was very uncomfortable now. Shen Xingchen was in a panic: "Why didn't you remind me earlier?"? What can I do to make you feel better? "You lie down first." Zhou Mo Ran put down the drawing board. Shen Xingchen did as he was told. In the blink of an eye, he lay in bed and covered his chest with the quilt. "Then what?" "Just don't move." Zhou Mo ran said also lay down, he pulled her left arm very naturally, and then did not hesitate to put his head in her arms. Shen Xingchen only heard him take a deep sniff: "Yes, that's the smell." Shen Xingchen is stiff all over. Is he talking about body odor? She carefully raised her right arm and lowered her head to smell it, but found no odor, only the refreshing lemon fragrance of the bath lotion. Glancing doubtfully at the hairy top of her head, she hesitated for a moment and asked, "That.." Professor Zhou? "Mo Ran, call me Mo Ran." His voice was muffled,plastic laminated tube, and it was obvious that he was sleepy. Ink dyeing. Shen Xingchen paused: "What on earth are you.." What kind of disease is it? Zhou Mo ran for a long time did not respond, Shen Xingchen thought he was asleep and did not ask again, turned to raise his hand to reach the bedside lighting controller.