Therefore, this kind of waste of money and manpower happened, coupled with the fact that there was no direct conflict of interest for the Holy See, the two people did not come to the stadium until today, when it was newly opened. At the end of the observation of the cracks in the wall, the rough priest felt the beard on his chin and turned to stand side by side with Joseph. "It's a sword mark." "I told you it was a sword mark, but you had to look so carefully. It's a waste of time." Joseph preached with disapproving criticism. Yu Yan retorted with a smile: "Not at all, old friend!"! Do you know what kind of sword mark it is? There's a way: "You can see that?" "This is the advantage of looking carefully, in the depths of the crack, there are some small squares cut by the rain dagger, several of which are incomplete.". The objects cut by the rain dagger will not have shapes other than equal proportions, and the squares deep in the crevice can not be destroyed by external forces, so the reasonable explanation is that they are destroyed by the sword gas that caused the sword mark. In addition Yu Yan said, wiping his finger into the crack of the sword mark: "You see, there is no sand and dust,carnosic acid price, so where is the rest of the broken square?"? I venture to infer that the wall is once again formed. According to ancient records, there is a sword that can crush material and restore it. If we infer from this, then the cause of this sword mark is.. "Fierce Sword Bang Jieming." "Good job," Joseph continued lightly. "I didn't expect to be so close to the beast that night." "No matter how close it was, it was that day. Do you try to recall that you didn't feel any strong fluctuations that day?"? With your cultivation, no matter how powerful the beast is,phycocyanin spirulina, it's hard to hide it. The priest with a hoarse voice said solemnly, "But he did it. It's terrible that he can send out a sword that can resist the nearly 80% collapse field of the rain dagger without attracting my attention. It seems that his recovery is complete. What will he do next?" "I don't think anything will happen!" Yu Yanyu said surprisingly. But he's an unbeatable beast. Yu Yan smiled bitterly: "So what?"? Old friend! We were wrong when we were told to deal with the unbeatable beast, and we were wrong when we recognized him as a tyrannical and ferocious man. The idea that the higher authorities have instilled in us is a good reason for us to deal with him. But as far as my historical research in the past 20 years is concerned, in fact, the unrivaled beast has not done many bad things. In fact, there are not many records about Rimet in the two chambers. Yu Yan, who had imprisoned his good friend, was disheartened and applied for a transfer. Because he specialized in the interpretation of ancient Chinese, before he left, he also took away some documents that had not yet been translated for research. In what he thought was only an academician's reading experience two thousand years ago, he accidentally discovered the record of the incomparable beast, pumpkin seed extract ,rosmarinic acid supplement, which turned out to have been a member of the Shenwei prison. It was the twentieth year of the completion of the two houses, and Christ had just been crucified. Rimet was fifteen years old and had not yet changed his blood. He was a wandering beggar. He had no fixed abode but was very happy. He was determined to visit all the famous mountains and lakes and see all the wonders of the world. That year, when the new Czar succeeded to the throne, he went to Moscow. The whole city was in a warm celebration. Rimet danced happily with the residents. He burned down the house of others carelessly. During his escape, he met the thief "Manchu Saint" from Persia on the wall of the Kremlin. The two men had no way to escape and jumped into the Kremlin together. They were lucky enough to be sheltered by the kind lame cook. The palace was heavily guarded. They could not escape even if they wanted to, so they had to act as servants to learn cooking from the lame cook. After three months of working as a spatula, one day they were provoked by the guards on their way to deliver food. After a fight, they beat the guards with a broom bar. It was only then that they realized that the spatula tactics taught by the lame chef could not only be used for cooking. Back in the kitchen, the two men knelt down and cried that they didn't know Mount Tai. The lame cook was greatly relieved. He directly showed that he was the invincible knight who swept across Europe. Because he saw that the two men were excellent materials for practicing martial arts, he passed on his swordsmanship. On that day, they formally learned from the teacher, and from then on, they cooked more attentively. After a full year of study, the two men achieved great success in swordsmanship. The lame chef signed them up for the knight contest. The two men went on the stage with their faces covered and won the martial arts championship immediately, but they did not go to receive the prize. It is not that two people do not want to be famous, but that the prize "princess" makes people hesitate to choose the lesser of two evils, preferring to be nameless. The following month, the Czar was poisoned by a conspiracy, blamed on food poisoning, and the lame cook sacrificed himself to help the two escape. Running to the forest, the two men were exhausted. Remembering that the lame cook had treated them better than himself, they were in great pain. Why not give them a chance to repay. Hiding in the forest for half a month, the two men thought that the storm had passed and planned to go to the port to smuggle into Europe to see the splendor that the lame cook often boasted to them. Halfway up the mountain, the two men heard the sound of fighting and went to see a monk fighting with a naked man with a ferocious face. The blood from the wound of the latter was purple. As soon as they looked, they knew who they were going to help, so they drew their swords and helped the weak monk. The battle was really hard. The naked man fell to the ground after a hundred swords. Then the monk lay down, as if he had been poisoned. He gave them a straw letter and asked them to send it to the monastery of Shenwei Prison in Siberia. Before they could refuse, the monk ran to meet the loving Heavenly Father. The dead were so great that they decided to change their destination after burying the monks everywhere. There was no road in Siberia, except for snow and ice. They went around countless ice fields, but they didn't find any monastery. Finally, they lost their way and lay unconscious on the snow and became two popsicles. Interestingly, they couldn't find them when they were awake, but when they were asleep, they were moved to Shenwei Prison. When they woke up, the warmth blessed by the divine power of the prison almost made them think they were in heaven. The letters were handed over, and the two men were left to rest in the monastery. During that time,akba boswellic acid, they had never heard of anything about Shenwei Shengqi. The passion of pursuing martial arts, coupled with the worship of mysterious magic, made them take the initiative to put forward the request of loyalty to Shenwei Prison.