Just on the way there, Qiao Linlin pulled Zhen Cheng to walk slowly at the end. What's going on with you two? They're all saying that if they didn't know, they'd think you and that yvan were a couple. “……” Chapter 40 The following New Year's Eve activities changed because of such a small episode, and Zhen Cheng only felt dispirited. One night, I stared at the screen of my mobile phone and watched three or two small talks in the dialog box. When yvan jokes that her boyfriend doesn't exist, she occasionally gets the illusion. It was as if she was playing a love game, and the person she was thinking about every day only existed in her mobile phone forever. At the end of the New Year's Eve event, the sky was just white. Zhen Cheng yawned and went out. He discussed with Qiao Linlin and Ye Lan on the same road whether to wait for the first subway or take a taxi home. Then a car came by the side of the road, the window was rolled down, and the haunting yvan poked his head out to greet her. Zhen Cheng almost broke down: "Eldest brother, did you squat me all night?" "Yes." He nodded as if he deserved it. ……” "Get in the car and I'll see you off." "No, you are too terrible. I dare not get into your car." "Why would I sell you?" The yvan asks in reply, "small tea, you do not think too much, I want to sell also catch a beautiful ah." “……” She was so angry that she turned away. Qiao Linlin they also catch up, looked back at the yvan stopped in place, teasing her: "also said not to chase you?" Zhen Cheng waved his hand irritably: "He is like this. He has enough things to do, and he always likes to take care of others." "Who has nothing to do and will wait here all night just to pick you up and take you home?" Ye Lan said, "is he too idle?" "That's how idle he is." Zhen Cheng shrugs helplessly,saw palmetto extract, "all the beauties in the company, he has sent at least half of them home." Qiao Linlin: "Smelly shameless, unexpectedly secretly rub the ground to divide oneself to the beautiful woman's ranks." Ye Lan: "That's.." “…… Shit. Recently Zhen Cheng is very annoyed, perhaps it is a long time not to meet, the heart is always in a mess. Zhen's father will go home next week, and his mother discussed the time of the appointment in advance, the end of January, the weekend before the New Year. Originally Zhen Cheng was quite nervous and spent many days tidying up the house and buying things. But when the day was approaching,naringenin price, he received a phone call from Tan Xu: "There was something wrong with the information. I made an appointment to go to the customs that day to go through the formalities." His words were full of guilt, and he repeatedly promised to settle the matter and personally visit and apologize. Then forget it, wait until you're free. Zhen Cheng received the call in the company, the penultimate legal working day before the year, the atmosphere in the company is very loose, full of lazy before the festival. She leaned over the table and said "hmm" listlessly, and the person on the other end of the phone seemed relieved. Po, be good and wait for me to bring back a championship trophy for you to play with. "Oh.." What does she need that for? She can't eat it. But this kind of words is not easy to say, after all, he is full of confidence in the game. Everything that had happened recently made her feel tired for no reason, and the answer seemed to be expected. She always had a vague bad feeling about talking and about herself. Everything looks the same, holding the cup he gave me, and the graffiti on it still looks so cute. However, ghana seed extract ,turmeric extract powder, something more deeply hidden seems to be changing her life imperceptibly. The thing had been lurking for a long time, but waiting for the perfect moment to turn her world upside down and laugh at everything she had. But before that happened, she knew nothing about the nature of the thing. Next, I spent the New Year in a muddle, visiting relatives and friends with my family every day. The most common place to go is my grandmother's home, and the center of this year's words is the aftermath of the upcoming senior high school entrance examination. Because he won a lot of awards, got a district key high school recommended quota, the score line lowered a lot, but once crossed the line, can only enter the school. This school is actually quite good. After thinking about it, my uncle still felt that he should, "It's close to our home, and it's very convenient to go to school.". ” "But this school's strong point is the liberal arts, all by rote, what's the point?" Aftermath himself is a hundred unwilling, "I want to take an examination of No.1 Middle School, the science atmosphere of No.1 Middle School is much stronger, and there are various model and robot competitions every year." "I also want you to be admitted to No.1 Middle School, but we should be down-to-earth and recognize the reality, right?" My aunt shook her head in distress and said to Zhen Cheng, "Cheng Cheng, you know, that is the key point of the city, the score line is too high.". If the senior high school entrance examination only tests science, I absolutely believe that he can pass the examination, but the senior high school entrance examination also adds liberal arts, so that his advantage in science is nothing at all, maybe he will be caught up by a composition, don't you think? The room was full of people nodding in agreement with my aunt's point of view. Only Zhen Cheng hesitated for a moment and decided to say a few words from the bottom of his heart: "I don't agree. In fact, his liberal arts scores have improved by leaps and bounds recently. If he keeps it up until the senior high school entrance examination, it is very hopeful to get into the first middle school." As soon as the voice fell, the family kept silent. Zhen's mother pinched her under the table and motioned her not to say any more. Only the aftermath cast a sympathetic look at her from the revolutionary comrades: "Sister, you still know me." In the end, the topic was not discussed. After dinner in the evening, Zhen Cheng's family went back. Zhen's mother talked about her, saying that she was in charge of other people's family affairs, in case the boy really listened to her words and did not recommend, and then failed in the exam, people might be angry with her. Even if a family doesn't blame you, there must be a gap in their hearts. Zhen mother continued to teach her, "these are all worldly wisdom, how can you this child just don't understand?"? How old are you. Zhen Cheng just lowered his head and looked at the road, apparently not listening. Her cheeks were burning hot. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that her mother seemed to have been pulled by her father next to her and whispered in a low voice. She turned to frown and said softly,pumpkin seed extract, "All right, I won't talk about her. I'm still wasting my breath." When she got home, she closed the door and threw herself into the soft bed. She had a lot of messy things in her heart. She didn't even have a good mood for the New Year. prius-biotech.com