A large amount of purple mist swept from all directions in the ancient evil dust sea. The purple mist and the neon and ammonia gas that rushed straight to the sea were interacted with Yin and Yang, and a new force suddenly burst out. With a hum, the ancient evil dust seemed to be suddenly enlightened. Powerful mental power is injected into this new power, such as arm and finger, which is directly injected into the cloud bell. The ancient evil dust suddenly understood that this new power was what the monastic people called "magic power". It was only a ten-thousandth of an instant, and thousands of people from far and near clearly saw a group of bright purple clouds erupting from the hands of the ancient evil dust, but the purple clouds disappeared into the cloud bell. In midair, nine clear and melodious bells rang in succession. Suddenly, there was a strong breeze in the dense forest within a radius of more than ten kilometers, and a trace of white fog appeared on the ground. Just a few seconds later, the breeze rolled up the fog and came out, as if millions of steamers were opened at the same time. The dense forest within a radius of more than ten kilometers was covered by white clouds. Zhao Yi jumped into the air to the side of Xiao Zhang Taoist. He grabbed Xiao Zhang Taoist and shouted, "gate, hurry!" As soon as Xiao Zhang's eyes brightened, he suddenly burst into laughter and said, "Andre and Bobbi, don't blame me, Xiao Zhang,die cast light housing, for being too ruthless. This is your own death!" As he shouted, Xiao and Zhang quickly lifted their robes and took out the six-sided clear flag gate and handed it to Zhao Yi. Zhao Yi grabbed the flag gate and threw it into the sky. His hands quickly changed and pointed to the six directions of southeast, northwest and up and down. Suddenly, there were stars twinkling in the sky in broad daylight. Six big stars the size of a bowl were "dripping" in the air, spinning in a circle. Immediately, six extremely pale stars flew down into the six flag gates. If we look at the whole cosmic star chart, these six big stars that suddenly appear are the six main stars called the South Dipper on the earth. Respectively got a dim star power blessing,car radiator cap, six gate at the same time spewed out a large area of blue light into the sky full of white fog. With a heavy gasp, the ancient evil dust pulled out the remaining two of the three scrolls he had snatched from Andre that day. At this time, verbal communication is too slow, with a flash of mind, Xin Jia strode to the side of the ancient evil dust, grabbed two scrolls and escaped into the ground. All around was covered by white fog, Bobbi felt a white misty in front of his eyes, except for the closest subordinates, he could not see anything. Especially by the flag gate, Zhao Yi hastily arranged a simplified version of the Qimen array, and the white fog was more of the wonderful power of reversing the direction and confusing the five senses and six senses. Bobbi lost his voice and shouted, "Everyone move closer to me, everyone move closer to me!" Xiao _ Shuo t-x-t _ Tian/Tang Chapter 68 Breaking Separately-Fragile Alliances (Part Two) Dozens of stumbling members of the Alliance of the Gods rushed over in a mess, DIN screw plug ,die casting parts, and the gravity around them was disturbed by the flag gate array. When these people took a step, they seemed to be drunk. Their thighs were thrown out high, but their calves were shaking to both sides without control. If it weren't for the fact that these people had strong powers, they would have been soft on the ground and unable to move. Xin Jia at this time secretly escaped to Bobibi's side, while Bobibi's mind is confused, six senses are also disordered, Xin Jia dirty will be two magic scrolls into Bobibi hands. Having done all this, Xin Jia quietly returned to the ground. Bobbi seemed to feel that he had something more on his hand, but he didn't have time to check it out for a while. Qimen Array, which was circulated in ancient times, is nothing to the ancient monks, but no one has mastered the Alliance of the Gods today, not to mention these members of the Alliance of the Gods. As soon as the magic array was launched, everyone was confused about where they were and what year and month it was now. In short, everything was out of order. Bobbi was so busy gathering his companions to protect himself that he didn't care about anything else. Ancient evil dust and Zhao Yi joined hands to set up the Qimen array is only a hasty array, which has the greatest lethality of all kinds of instruments did not join the array, so the big array is just a confusing function, there is no actual lethality. But after all, the ancient evil dust is the array, and the cloud clock is the eye of the array, so it's easy for him to do something. Holding the cloud bell in both hands, he thought that the wind was blowing in the dense forest with a radius of more than ten kilometers, and the white fog converged into white waves flying back and forth. Andre and Bobbi, who did not distinguish between high and low, did not distinguish between north and south, struggled in the big array for less than twenty seconds, and suddenly collided face to face. With a thump, the ancient evil dust struck the cloud bell heavily. The surrounding white fog suddenly separated from each other like Pangu's opening of the Tianshan Mountains. The white fog at his feet was only a few feet high, and the other white fog rose into the air and turned into a place less than a few meters above his head. A blue and misty sky. Between the two pieces of white fog, there was a wonderful blue light. In this clear light, people's eyesight became very good. Andre, who stood tens of meters apart, even saw an uncleaned eye droppings on the left corner of Bobbi's eye! Of course, Andre also saw the two nine-level magic scrolls that Bobbi held tightly in his hands! And the wave of holy power emanating from this scroll is so familiar! On the day of the First World War in the Valley, the Bishop in White, who had summoned the puppet of the world with the trinity of Jiao De Lie, screamed, "It's you!"! You sent someone to attack us! Andre's face twitched, and he stared at the scroll of magic in Bobby's hand, and suddenly there was a feeling of silence and enlightenment! The person who suddenly snatched their magic scroll in the valley was arranged by Bobibi, otherwise why did the magic scroll appear in Bobibi's hand? Thinking that he had lost the protection of the magic scroll,deep draw stamping, was seriously injured by the sudden attack of Monte Teddy, and even his heart was twisted into mud, Andriy's heart was full of killing. autoparts-dx.com